Life after Bariatric Surgery By Gerald Witt on February 26, 2019

bariatric surgeryIf you have already taken the decision to change your life by having Bariatric Surgery, you should know how your life will be after surgery.

Bariatric Surgery is a big step for a patient’s weight-loss journey which could be considered as a new beginning. That is because the patient will have long-term results for their health and weight with good aftercare and moderate lifestyle changes. You will need to be committed to the recommended specific and restricted diet after your surgery, and follow an exercise plan designed by your medical team as well as follow a good habits lifestyle post-bariatric surgery.

Right after your Bariatric Surgery, your nutrition plan should include:

  1. Clear liquid diet – first 3 days
  2. Fluid liquid diet – from day 4-17
  3. Pureed foods –  from day 18-30
  4. Soft real foods – from day 30 on after surgery
  5. Lean protein/ Low fat /Sugar-free diet, solid dry textured food after 6-weeks from surgery.

As your body recovers from Bariatric Surgery, it is very important that you follow the specific guidelines given to you by your surgeon.

Lean Protein should be eaten at every meal after your Bariatric Surgery. Protein is a nutrient that helps the patient feel full longer and also helps the body burn fat. Patients should consume around 90 grams of protein per day, otherwise, the body will take its protein from their muscles and they can become weak and tired.

Once you have had Bariatric Surgery your life will be different, you will gain more confidence as you successfully lose weight and reach your goals, so new eating habits must be followed and your new lifestyle diet will help you maintain your weight-loss journey.

There are important recommendations you should take into account during your weight loss journey after the Bariatric Surgery such as:

֎ Have 3-5 small and balanced meals a day according to guidelines

֎ Eat slowly

֎ Stop eating when you feel full

֎ Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol

֎ Exercise. Begin with short walks each day until you increase the intensity (cycling, and aerobic exercise, etc)

֎ Take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis to prevent nutrient deficiencies

֎ Effective birth control for the first two years after Bariatric Surgery is recommended (you will become more fertile after weight loss surgery).

Are you going to be a success or a failure after your Bariatric Surgery? In reality, the choice is yours.  You have invested time, money, and your well-being to have a successful weight loss surgery, but ultimately you will decide if you succeed or fail.  As you can see we have shown you how your life would be after your Bariatric Surgery following these specific guidelines.

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