Pouch Reset By Gerald Witt on March 06, 2019

pouch reset

You have had your gastric sleeve surgery and started losing your weight, but then you have hit a plateau and stalled out your weight loss.  You are not near goal weight and have become frustrated.  Maybe you tried a slippery slope food that had carbs and sugars, and now continue eating these foods and your metabolism has locked up.  You are stalled, and considering revision surgery, you feel like you have failed, what can you do?  We have the answer for you: Pouch Reset.

The success of a Weight Loss Surgery depends on how well you follow the instructions of your medical team, the post-op diet, as well as your eating habits during your diet phase post-surgery until you hit your goal weight. But most importantly, on how committed you are to changing your relationship with food and basically your entire lifestyle. Sometimes, however, the patients follow the doctor’s instructions in the beginning, over time they may get relaxed with regard to their diet, or consume more carbohydrates or sugars than the body needs. When this happens, the patient may lock up the new metabolism and cause a halt to their weight loss.  The gastric sleeve changes your body’s metabolism so that the body burns more calories and fat in a quick amount of time.  The metabolism is “tricked” with the surgery and the patient usually has about 18-24 months until the body figures out what is going on.  In this period, however, by eating the wrong foods or too much sugar or carbs, the body can then snap back and lock down its metabolism and thus the patients hit long weight loss stalls.

The Pouch Reset is always an option when the patient goes off on their own track and breaks the postop diet… for example, having alcohol, or eating the wrong foods (those high in carbs and sugars), and then the metabolism shifts into a store mode, and instead of losing weight, the patient typically hits a plateau and then it takes time and effort to break this plateau.

Pouch Reset should help you kick start your weight loss again and get you back on track. Pouch Reset will be as a mimic of the post-op diet in a sense. It will be not easy, and you should have support from your partner and relatives and above all, you will need some willpower to achieve it.

Here we share the stages that consist of the Pouch Reset:

Day 1 – Clear Liquids only (broth, sugar-free jello and sorbets,)

From day 2 you will need around 90g of protein a day

Day 2- 3 –Full Liquids (protein drinks, non-fat Greek yogurt, cream soup, water, sugar-free sorbet, sugar-free puddings)

Day 4- 6 – Pureed Foods (protein drinks, mashed potatoes, refried beans, low-fat cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, hummus, blended chunky soup or chili,)

Day 7– 9 – Soft Foods (protein drinks, soft veggies, scrambled eggs, canned tuna and salmon, soft steamed or grilled fish, dark meat chicken, soft low-fat cheese)

Day 10 and beyond – Healthy Foods (introduce these foods slowly back into your diet and weight and measure them, eat LEAN protein.)

Drink liquids at least 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after any meal.

-Eat at a slow pace, chew at least 22 times each bite of food.

-Stay away from sugar and food that is high in carbohydrates as well as fried foods.


Of course, Weight Loss Team, its and its staff of experts will be more than ready to guide you and help you through your Pouch Reset process as well any revision surgery options you may need if you are not satisfied with your weight loss. If you have any further doubts, please feel free to contact us.

If you are ready to experience drastic weight loss results contact our office online at www.weightlossteam.com or call (818) 949-6911

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