Pregnancy after Weight-Loss Surgery - Things to know By Juan Hidalgo on March 16, 2019

pregnancy after weight loss surgeryImportant Facts you should know about Pregnancy after Weight-Loss Surgery

Having weight loss surgery in Mexico is becoming more common and overweight individuals have found that these surgeries, be it the Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico or the Gastric Bypass surgery is a great way to lose weight and change their lives. However, there are important facts about Pregnancy after Weight-Loss Surgery that you should know about and take precautions with.

  • Weight Loss Surgery can produce a sudden positive change in your fertility. In fact, the procedure itself can help certain women get pregnant in case their infertility was obesity-related. This is because women after weight loss can start ovulating regularly after years of not doing it. Even more, women with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) have resolved their reproductive issues post-surgery due to their life changing surgery.
  •  The bariatric surgeon recommends to wait 18 months before getting pregnant after your Weight Loss Surgery. After surgery, your body goes through stressful changes and significant nutritional disorders which can cause problems for a growing baby.   These nutritional disorders balance out over time so that after the waiting period you can have a healthy pregnancy post weight loss surgery.
  • Patients must consider that the most common nutritional complications after Weight-Loss Surgery are deficiencies in B12, iron, calcium and vitamin. They can also experience protein-calorie malnutrition and fat malabsorption. Taking this into account, post-surgery patients have to take extra vitamins to compensate for the ways in which their bodies no longer metabolize nutrients.
  • A lot of overweight women face a body-image battle so, losing weight rapidly after the surgery makes them happy and motivated to have  change in their lives. Therefore, pregnancy would be an emotional shock for post-surgery patient having a very hard time accepting that they would gain weight back and become stressed out. Some women run the risk of dieting while pregnant which can also have serious nutritional consequences for the baby, or, some others gain back the weight they lost because they are eating more food than they actually should be eating.
  • If female patients do not wait to reach a stable weight and get pregnant within two years of surgery, it increases the risk for prematurity, newborns who are small for their gestational age and admissions to neonatal intensive care units.
  • Getting pregnant would be much safer after your weight stabilizes and you are at goal weight.
  • More women are getting Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico so, if you are one of those, you must follow your Bariatric Surgeons recommendations and consult a specialist to provide you the best contraception methods you will need to follow.

Here you have read a few important facts that you should know about Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery.  Many women can have healthy and successful pregnancies once they have had their bariatric surgery.  You just must use common sense and medical advice to have a successful and healthy pregnancy post weight loss surgery.  If you are considering your Weight Loss Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Dr. Hidalgo and Weight Loss Team there is no better place to have your surgery in Mexico.


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