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By Juan Hidalgo on April 03, 2019

You are ready to get your life back then most likely you have made the decision to have Weight Loss Surgery in Puerto Vallarta with Dr. Hidalgo since he is the leading bariatric surgeon in the city. The big day is coming up and it is time to pack for your Gastric Sleeve surgery, but you do not know what to bring with you.

Even though you will spend one night in the hospital for Gastric Sleeve Surgery, you are probably planning to stay for a week in this beautiful paradise, so you should take into account the following:

There are 10 top things you should consider to bring with you for your Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with Dr. Hidalgo:

  1. Have your passport ready!

Every foreign patient that enters Mexico will be requested to present his/her passport book upon entry to Mexico and for your return to the USA, so It is very important for those applying for a passport to begin the passport process weeks before the day of surgery because it can take up to 8 weeks to receive yours in the mail. Also, make sure you request the passport book and not the passport card.


  1. Spending cash in US Dollars. Most places will accept US Dollars and this way you avoid the Foreign Transaction Fee of using your Debit /Credit Card


  1. Bring comfortable loose-fitting clothes and extra loose underwear.

It is very important to get yourself some comfortable clothes that are easy to slip on or off as needed. You will be on your feet shortly after surgery.


  1. House slippers or socks with tread.

Your doctor will most likely want you on your feet shortly to walk the hospital halls to relieve gas pain a few hours after surgery, so, it’s nice to have warm toasty feet in your own comfortable slippers or socks.


  1. One pair of sneakers or sandals

The Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta is located in the heart of the walking area and shopping district La Isla which provides everything from restaurants to theaters, pharmacies, and stores. Patients are encouraged to walk around the area after surgery for an improved recovery and a comfortable pair of sneakers or sandals will be essential.


  1. One bathing suit

Your post-surgery recovery will be relaxing, fun-filled adventure, allowing you to have a vacation during your medical tourism stay so, consider bringing your bathing suit to enjoy a large number of activities beachside, even though it is not recommended to go swimming postop until your wounds are fully healed.


  1. Strips to reduce intestinal gas: Gas-X strips or similar.


  1. Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone, Kindle, Magazines or Books

Even though you will most likely be in and out of sleep, you will want to be connected, watch movies or download a good book.


  1. Phone and Tablet Chargers and headphones.

The Electrical current is the same in Mexico as the USA, so no need for a converter but don’t forget your chargers and a good pair of headphones.


  1. Protein powder or shake

From your 4th day after surgery, you will need to consume at least 90 grams of protein per day in your daily diet. So, it would be essential to bring with you liquid or protein powder and your bottle shaker. We recommend bringing a clear protein with you so that you can start drinking this post surgery without a problem.


As you can see we have shown you ten things that would be essential to bring with you for your Gastric Sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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