Living Healthy after Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico By Juan Hidalgo on June 18, 2019

weight loss surgery mexicoHaving weight loss surgery in Mexico has a significant impact on an obese person’s life in their physical appearance, eating habits and psychosocial complexities. So, it is very important that patients examine their attitudes towards the social risks encountered in everyday life and this will contribute to a greater understanding of the complexities of life after Bariatric Surgery.

Living healthy after weight loss surgery in Mexico requires many interpersonal adjustments for the individual, how the patient thinks about him/her self. Some patients gain much more confidence as they successfully change their lifestyle and manage their weight. Mental health can be an important part of a postoperative healthy life.

The most important aspects the bariatric patient should consider are the following:

  • Eating habits are very important to succeed in living a healthy life after weight loss surgery, and these habits are affected by many situations, especially by emotions, stress or eating disorders. So, patients should be prepared for ups and downs along the weight loss journey and avoid eating to relieve stress or eating when they are not hungry. Having additional help from a qualified psychologist would help the patient follow the suggested daily diet feeling motivated and on track so they do not feel like quitting.
  • A healthy sleeping pattern is another key to a successful healthy life after weight loss surgery. Setting a regular bedtime will help to improve patients’ energy which is important especially if they are doing exercise as well as their daily routines. Inadequate sleep could be one contributing factor in weight gain.
  • Stress management is basic to leading a healthy life after bariatric surgery. Stress out of control can lead to wrong choices which will attempt to endanger a patient’s weight loss journey successful. It is very important that bariatric patients take into consideration, habits, activities, and relationships that relieve stress.
  • Quitting smoking should be seriously considered before and after weight loss surgery in Mexico, in order to have a healthy life. Smoking or chewing tobacco leads to the decreased blood supply to the patients‘ body delaying healing, in addition to causing other linked health problems such as blood clots, heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.
  • Alcohol contains calories but minimal nutrition value and obviously will work against your weight loss goal.  Alcohol is usually consumed with sugary beverages and or contains carbohydrates as well, and as such if the patient’s intention is to lead a healthy life, they should avoid drinking alcohol.  Alcohol also may be absorbed more quickly into the body after weight loss Surgery.
  • Physical activity is very important for a long-term healthy lifestyle. It is necessary that bariatric patients have a fitness program in place and gradually increase the intensity of their routine.
  • Another very important thing to be successful with your new healthy life after weight loss surgery is to include vitamins and supplements in your diary diet as they will help to regulate your body’s core processes such as appetite and hunger, nutrient absorption, fat and sugar metabolism, energy storage, brain activity, and thyroid function.
  • A long-term care program is recommended after weight loss surgery in Mexico with follow up visits with a local healthcare provider experienced with obesity that lives near you.  This will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy life after weight loss surgery in Mexico is not an easy decision but determination and commitment will help make this journey a long-term life-changing success.


Of course, Weight Loss Team, and its staff of bariatric experts will be more than ready to guide you through your journey to a healthy life after weight loss surgery as well any surgery or revision surgery options you may need if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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