Gastric Sleeve to Bypass Revision in Puerto Vallarta Mexico By Juan Hidalgo on October 25, 2019

gastric bypass revisionThere a number of factors that might contribute to the fact that some patients may not achieve their goal weight or some may regain weight years after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The main reason for this situation is related to behavioral changes, reflux disease or stress in the patients’ lives. However, these patients may have a second chance having an additional procedure, called weight loss revision surgery, to help them lose weight again, improve their health and achieve their weight loss goals.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery also called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is one of the leading weight loss surgery options which involves the removal of 60 to 80% of the stomach allowing for the management of morbid obesity. The portion of the stomach that remains will take the shape of a sleeve, reducing the amount of food the patient is able to consume. Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo bariatric specialist at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta uses a special inverted sleeve technique that helps to protect the patient from leaks and long-term weight regain by hand stitching over the surgical staple line at the end of the sleeve surgery.

Since obesity is a chronic disease, if Gastric Sleeve patients do not take the responsibility of changing their lifestyles and or habits, or they choose to ignore their medical teams post-surgery dietary instructions and nutrition guidelines, they may stop having the results they desire and their stomach could possibly stretch with time, causing the patient to gain weight that has previously lost. There are also patients who may suffer from reflux disease after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This is caused usually due to the new shape of the stomach and the fact that the bile acids end up seeping into the stomach.  This may cause quite a bit of discomfort in the patients and most do not want to take pantoprazole for the rest of their lives.  Obviously, these patients may need a surgical intervention to fix the reflux issue, but if there is weight regain and it is caused by the patient's new eating habits they truly must evaluate the desire and commitment in whether or not to have revision surgery. If the patient is a candidate for revision surgery after evaluating their particular situation, the most common revision suggested are Mini Bypass or Bypass Revision if the patient has had a Gastric Sleeve procedure prior.

In Gastric Bypass Surgery, the stomach is divided into a small pouch that holds the food and passes it into the small intestine where the food is then processed by the body creating what is known as malabsorption, or the body not absorbing the calories from the food eaten, thus causing weight loss. A conversion to a Gastric Bypass is particularly effective for those who also have reflux disease due to the fact that the stomach acids no longer can reach the new pouch thus fixing this problem typically immediately.  The Gastric Bypass Revision is the most successful revision surgery for weight loss when the patient has a prior gastric sleeve surgery.

Mini Bypass Surgery procedure is less technically challenging surgery than the full-blown Gastric Bypass and carries a lower percentage of complication risk. That said it also has a lower amount of weight loss so each person that chooses this surgery should evaluate with their doctor what they truly need with regards to the amount of weight that needs to be lost and what surgery is the best option.  The Mini Bypass along with the RNY Gastric Bypass surgery are both done via the laparoscopic technique or keyhole surgery.  The Mini Bypass is very similar to Gastric Bypass but hereafter the doctor creates the stomach pouch, he does not resection the intestine but rather counts out 1.5 meters and then pulls the intestine up to the new pouch and makes a connection.  This surgery also impairs the absorption of food across the gastrointestinal tract causing weight loss however less drastic than the full-blown RNY. 

If the patient has 100 pounds or less to lose after regaining weight after gastric sleeve surgery, then the Mini Bypass is a viable option.  If the patient has reflux, or has more than 100 pounds to lose, then the Gastric Bypass RNY, should be considered.

Mini Bypass or Gastric Bypass Revision will be called for by Gastric Sleeve patients due to their own particular situations. However, your local surgeon must evaluate the general shape of their anatomy to see what options might be right for you.


Of course, Weight Loss Team, and its staff of experts will be more than ready to guide you through your journey to be success after your Sleeve to Mini bypass or Gastric Bypass Revision as well any other revision surgery options you may need if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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