Can you gain the weight back after Gastric Sleeve Surgery? By Juan Hidalgo on February 15, 2020

Even though Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a great and effective tool for weight loss, we let the patients know that this surgical procedure is not magic and if they do not follow their doctor's instructions the patient may gain weight back after this surgery. Gastric Sleeve does not work independently of the patient’s effort and commitment so if the patient does not do what they are supposed to this tool will only work with the patient's commitment to success.

People worry or feel not sure about having the Gastric Sleeve Surgery because they have heard comments about it not being a successful surgery, typically from some patients that have gained back a significant amount or all of their weight back after time. It is important to say that this situation will be different for each person as each weight loss journey is as unique as the patient having the surgery. It is important to evaluate what was the cause of the patient’s weight regain. Sometimes old habits come back to their daily life routine and usually, the result is from a lack of following the doctor’s instructions and recommendations.  Sometimes our lives throw us curveballs, where the patient is placed under stress or emotional circumstances and this as well could trigger the patient to make the wrong choices and experience weight regain.

Right after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, most patients are able to lose weight initially due to the mechanics of the procedure even without following fully all the changes they have to make. However, long term success involves the lifestyle changes recommended including strict alterations to the patient’s diet and daily routines.  A change in the habits and switch in the way of thinking will also help.

Obviously, as time goes by active weight loss will slow and the body will adjust to slightly larger portion sizes so it is important to watch what one eats just like after surgery, the same goes for years to come.  Also, you want to be leery of high-calorie liquids and avoid sugared beverages like Coke and other soft drinks. As the body begins a maintenance phase, the patient must keep on with the healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes; otherwise, their weight loss success won’t last.

A Weight Loss Surgery is considered a ‘success’ when patients lose 50% or more of their excess body weight and maintain that level for at least five years. However, successful results are determined by the patient, by their perceived improvement in the quality of life; that is, their success could be measured in terms of big changes in health conditions or renewed ability to enjoy and participate in life more fully and happily.

Gaining the weight back after Gastric Sleeve is one of the greatest fears patients feel. However, when a patient has lost so much weight, a regain of few pounds after sometime is relatively normal. It is important that the patient understands how this procedure works and what their role is in your newly sleeved life. So, if patients gain a pound, they should remember how many pounds they have lost, be strong and return to their healthy diet and physical activity and get back to the weight they want to be at before letting that one pound turn into 10 then 20 pounds later.

Like any challenge in life, the path to reach your weight loss goal won’t be easy. There is a number of situations that patient will face but the key is to maintain a substantial lifestyle and behavior changes along their weight loss journey.


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