Am I a candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery? By Juan Hidalgo on February 20, 2020

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the leading procedures for weight loss amongst obese people and this surgery is a powerful tool when combined with the patient’s efforts to lose and keep off extra weight while following your bariatric surgeon’s instructions and weight loss plans. That said many people do not know if they are candidates for the gastric sleeve surgery and many patients always are asking if they are good candidates for this procedure.  The gastric sleeve offers a lasting solution to effective weight loss by removing between 60 % and 80% of the stomach, leaving behind a small sleeve or tube of stomach and making changes to patient’s stomach and digestive system that limit how much food they can eat thus leading to weight loss. However, overweight patients always wonder if they would be a good candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery as this procedure is not for everyone.  Here we will explain to you what makes you a candidate for weight loss surgery and the gastric sleeve.

It is important that patients undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if they have certain qualifications or requirements for this procedure.

Qualifications for Gastric Sleeve in most areas include:


  • BMI (body mass index) over 30 with co-morbidity or BMI over 40 without.
  • Patients who suffer serious diseases related to obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea or other respiratory disorders, heart disease among others.
  • Inability to achieve a healthy weight loss sustained for a period of time with prior weight loss efforts.
  • Being aware of the normal risks and benefits of the surgery
  • Be committed to long-term life changes
  • Being between 16 to 65 years old
  • Being able to handle the physical stress of surgery
  • Seeing the surgery as a tool, not as magic.


These requirements can help ensure that the surgery, recovery and lifestyle change will be a success. So, if the information above applies to your lifestyle, you may be a good candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. You just need to have a consultation with your surgeon to confirm you are ready!

Gastric Sleeve is a big step for substantial weight loss and life change. Dr. Hidalgo and his talented Weight Loss Team offer a variety of helpful resources to assist you in your weight loss journey, based out of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Dr. Hidalgo and Weight Loss Team is one of the leading bariatric surgical centers in all of Mexico operating out of the world class hospital the CMQ Riviera Nayarit.   

Once it is determined that you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery you need to remember that a proper diet plan pre-surgery and obviously post Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the key to an optimal surgical outcome and best weight loss results.

Gastric Sleeve Patients, with motivation and commitment, can enjoy a better quality of life, increasing their flexibility and mobility, their confidence and self-esteem, better health overall and improved sleep patterns.


Of course, Weight Loss Team, and its staff of experts will be more than ready to ensure if you are a candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  If you already had weight loss surgery and seem to be failing, Dr. Hidalgo also may provide weight loss revision surgery options if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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