Pamela’s Life after Gastric Bypass Surgery Success with Dr. Hidalgo By Juan Hidalgo on March 24, 2020

Gastric Bypass surgery MexicoPamela’s initial weight was 305 pounds - Pamela’s current weight- 145 pounds.

Pamela Gilchrist had Gastric Bypass Surgery on June 28th, 2018 with Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Almost two years ago, Pamela’s life was completely different than it is right now and the reason for was her important decision on deciding to have weight loss surgery and is committed to all of the changes that her new life brings with it.

“Before my Gastric Bypass, I was depressed, I wanted to be active but literally…I couldn’t walk… I had a scooter, I had a walker…I wasn’t happy with my body, I accepted my body the way it was but I wasn’t happy…” Pamela said.

She keeps on…” I had done exercise off and on that, I am doing today but I had to do it sitting down… I had done weight watchers and… I don’t even remember all the things I had done, I had tried everything”. Pamela remembers that the difficult part for her when she went back to Canada was getting used to eating and trusting in her stomach. She looked for her psychiatrists’ advice but she was also able to talk to Dr. Hidalgo as he was always available to help her out and this helped give her peace of mind and success.

Pamela enjoyed Puerto Vallarta when she came over for her surgery…” it is beautiful, we were walking a lot…we had lots of experiences to see in Puerto Vallarta”

Pamela comments on the impact that the weight loss surgery has brought to her health …” I was a candidate for a knee replacement surgery two years ago… I don’t have any issues with my knees…I was on a lot of psychiatric medications before and working with my psychiatrist I have gone off of five different medications… that is pretty amazing, I am a yoga lover, I go, yoga class, I love my new life…”

Obviously, there were a few lifestyle adjustments Pamela had to add after her Gastric Bypass Surgery …” …learning how to eat again was the hardest part, learning how to eat differently, learning what to eat, how much to eat and the best thing I learned was with regards to drinking liquids was you can only drink…very small amounts…”

After almost 2 years since her Gastric Bypass Surgery, Pamela feels full of life and amazing… “we went to scuba diving and hiking the mountains… I’m 52…I’m full of life, I love life… we went on the parachute…ATV’s, zip-lining and even swimming with the dolphins…I did everything! I couldn’t do any of that before my weight loss surgery in Mexico”

Pamela encourages other people who have been thinking about having this surgery to just do it!  She says that even when her family told her she was taking the easy way out, she took the difficult decision to have the surgery and this was a lifesaving surgery for her in more ways than one.

Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo thank Pamela for sharing her Weight Loss Surgery success and life-changing story. Congratulations Pamela!


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