Can I get an elective surgery? By Juan Hidalgo on April 13, 2020

Can I get an elective surgery?  The answer is yes, in Mexico! As everybody knows, the latest Coronavirus Pandemic has infected many people causing simple to moderate symptoms or even severe symptoms for those with obesity or autoimmune health problems.

Medical associations and Health officials in the USA have considered not allowing doctors to perform elective surgeries or non-essential medical surgical and dental procedures until the transmission of COVID 19 or Coronavirus Pandemic has slowed down or a virus has become available.

Due to the increasing number of COVID19 patients reported in the USA, healthcare providers have to preserve personal protective equipment as well as the availability of beds, ventilators, staff and general resources for those who are in more need. They also consider a major factor to help stop the spread of the virus, encouraging people to remain home and not expose themselves to other infected patients within a hospital unless there is an absolute emergency.

Overweight people are vulnerable to becoming severely ill with COVID19 because obesity seriously affects their immune system. Also typically obese patients are patients that also have Type 2 diabetes and this as well is very dangerous when dealing with COVID19.  So, this new pandemic has shown obese people that to help them survive and live a healthier life they need to make the decision of changing their lives by taking the opportunity to lose weight through a weight loss surgery as these surgeries are designed to promote quick and healthy weight loss safely, bringing benefits associated to the patient´s health.

These patients need to know that Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo are in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for you.  In our system, we are seeing patients and answering questions via email or through our electronic media pages, guiding them up to their surgery before and then providing postop care after surgery.  Many other doctors' offices are performing dental work and plastic surgery as well here in Mexico, as Mexico has not stopped the performance of elective surgeries.  If you need to have your gallbladder removed, or other types of elective procedures patients should consider their options south of the border and especially in Puerto Vallarta where the COVID19 virus has not affected many patients as of yet as the city has been in a Stay in Place procedure and the people of Puerto Vallarta from the very beginning have taken the risks provided by COVID19 very seriously.

It is important to consider having surgery in safe Puerto Vallarta as there are benefits not only related to surgical procedure and patient´s health but to the choice of Puerto Vallarta as the place to have the surgery performed.  By taking this option, not only do you save money over having surgery in the USA but the best care, world-class hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital and with the best surgeons the country has to offer, like Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo for bariatrics, Dr. Alejandro Guerrero for Plastics or Dr. Armenta for Dental work. In addition, Puerto Vallarta is a tropical paradise and one of the leading destinations for Medical Tourism in Mexico.

Many doctors are concerned about you and your health and that is why some even offer a PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE which allows you to make your surgery deposit now, thus locking in the current price for your surgery but also once booked you may postpone and change your date of surgery as needed without losing your deposit until this crisis comes to an end.

As you can see elective surgery is possible in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!

If you want more information on having an elective weight loss surgery in Mexico please contact Weight Loss Team

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