How to live healthy while in quarantine By Juan Hidalgo on May 03, 2020

Due to COVID 19, most of us are spending more and more time at home. Even when the majority of individuals are being requested to work from home and probably have different activities, the time goes by slower and these prolonged periods of time stuck inside can be a challenge for keeping oneself healthy and physically active.

Taking a sedentary behavior during self-quarantine plus having unscheduled meals and low physical activity will have very negative consequences with regards to people´s health, including emotional issues and mental health stability with regards to stress or anxiety.

Here are a few valuable tools to help individuals stay healthy in all senses during this time of quarantine:

  • Have a schedule of activities
  • Eat a balanced and varied diet, avoiding carbs and sugar
  • Avoid unhealthy snacks
  • Keep hydrated (low sugar liquids)
  • Stay physically active having a 30 to 45 min workout daily routine
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Get information from trustworthy sources
  • Train your mind and practice positive reading
  • Enjoy time with your family

These tips above might seem difficult to follow when there are many other activities that are easier to do (like lying on the couch playing with your console or watching TV) and plenty of attractive unhealthy foods at home. However, you are experiencing something unexpected and this causes frustration and stress and the last thing your body needs is to be unhealthy. As such, help yourself be strong physically and emotionally to fight against any virus or sickness.  This will also help with depression.

Being quarantined at home can be an opportunity for people to do things they do not normally do because of the rush of their usually busy lives. So, quarantine can be accepted as a period of quietness and relaxation, a time to have a healthy and productive life, including good nutrition and a physically active routine.

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