Can a Gastric Sleeve Surgery save your life? By Juan Hidalgo on May 12, 2020

The short answer is YES!  The recent Coronavirus or COVID 19 has made all of us more conscious of our own health and health problems, forcing each one of us to be more thoughtful about our actions in life and the benefits of trying to live a healthy life.  It is true the Gastric Sleeve can actually save your life, not only from the Coronavirus but also by improving your health overall.  Being overweight brings with it several health-related issues along with high pressure and high cholesterol so having sleeve surgery will not only take the weight off your body but improve your overall health in general.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery itself is a powerful tool to help obese people begin to save their lives. Sometimes the sleeve surgery is just what they need, to get a head start to feel that they are having a real opportunity to make a difference in their lives by turning their downward spiral of weight gain into a positive feedback loop of success with their new life after surgery.

Taking care of your body is not just about the way you look, it goes further, it is about health, nutrition, and life. Being overweight can cause life-long severe diseases and psychological and emotional problems. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a weight loss option for people with these problems to help start their weight-loss journey. The patient needs to realize that surgery is only the start. As they begin losing weight, they become healthier and live fuller and more active as well as longer lives.  Not only do they get healthier, in the time of COVID19 dropping weight, and getting rid of type 2 diabetes, and other comorbidities will help the patient survive this current pandemic.  The sleeve surgery really can save your life as it works with you if you follow your doctor's advice.

Obviously, as part of the surgery process, patients must stick to a healthy diet and physical activity. People need to understand that the surgery will work long term only if they commit to their weight loss and work hard to change their habits and lifestyle permanently.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is considered a very safe and effective procedure that with the correct patient’s follow up of the pre-and post-op instructions given by the surgeon, will tackle severe and morbid obesity and help the patient maintain long-term health results.

Remember, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery may also improve weight-related diseases or medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Most patients who undergo Gastric Sleeve Surgery with comorbidities, usually take quite a bit of medication, and after weight loss occurs many greatly decrease the amount of medicine they need to take and thus greatly improve their health.

Talking about emotional and physiological matters, after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery, many patients also find a healthy path to getting back their mental health. Many patients who were depressed pre-surgery now find that post-surgery they may feel happier with themselves, they experience acceptance from others, their self-esteem increases, and they anticipate positive changes in their lives.  Getting rid of this depression and Isolation lead many of these patients to start new friendships and relationships, and some even getting married. Relationships change in many ways, as the patient’s weight, health, and mental health changes.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is probably one of the most profound life-changing moments in a patient’s life. This surgery will, in fact, save your life if you let it, and you will definitely get a new lease on life after having gastric sleeve surgery.

If you are overweight and decide to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo can help you with that. Dr. Hidalgo heads on of Mexico’s leading bariatric centers, Weight Loss Team located in safe Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  He and his Weight Loss Team have introduced The Peace of Mind Guarantee (in the time of the COVID19 pandemic) which allows a patient to make your nonrefundable deposit now, thus locking in the current price for your surgery but also, once booked the patient may postpone and or change the date of surgery as needed without losing the deposit. 


Of course, Weight Loss Team, and its staff of experts will be more than ready to guide you through your weight loss journey before and after having your Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as well any other revision surgery options you may need if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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