Why physical activity is the key to Weight Loss Surgery Success? By Gerald Witt on September 05, 2020

get fit with weight loss surgery in MexicoWeight Loss Surgery can be an effective treatment option resulting in long-term weight loss and improvement in a patient`s general health. However, not all patients achieve similar weight loss or results. The reason for this situation could be that some of the patients follow strategies or certain tips that are useful keys to having the success they want to achieve after surgery and some do not.

Performing a physical activity after your weight loss procedure is an excellent way to improve physical and mental health as well as help your body lose weight. Even more so, physical activity could be a complementary adjunct therapy to Weight Loss Surgery.

There is a high percentage of weight loss patients who do not exercise enough after their gastric sleeve or bypass, and obviously, they won`t have the same health benefits of exercise as those patients who do and who are constant in their proper physical activity.

Living healthy after weight loss Surgery requires many interpersonal adjustments for the individual, how the patient thinks about him or herself. Some patients gain much more confidence as they successfully change their lifestyle and manage their weight. Physical activity can be a key to succeed in one part of postoperative healthy lifestyle.

There are some strategies or recommendations regarding exercise to maintain the patient’s ideal weight. These will depend on each patient, so you would have to take proper guidance before adding anything new in your diet or workout routine.

  • Right after surgery, begin with short walks each day until you increase the intensity (cycling, aerobic exercise, etc)
  • If the patient does a lot of cardio and keeps losing weight, as they get closer to goal weight, they might reduce the cardio and start lifting weights to gain some muscle tone and maintain their goal weight.
  • Caution however, that too much exercise may make the patient continue to lose an excessive amount of weight. So they must adjust their workout and achieve a balance.
  • Eat protein bars, nuts, dry fruit, trail mix, grains
  • Drink more liquids with the added calories you need (a protein shake a day)
  • Increase from 800 calories to 1200 calorie-diet to maintain your ideal weight while working out
  • All your calories should be from solid food or protein drinks
  • Keep changing your diet and workout routine as per your requirements or needs
  • Eat up to 5 or 6 meals a day

It is important to know that the extra protein and liquids should be done while the patient’s stomach has not stretched; that is, 18 to 25 months after surgery. After two years postop the patient should stop increasing calories to prevent weight gain and stick to 1200 calories with a work out routine.

According to Dr. Hidalgo the lead bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team, he states that “Physical activity is very important for a long-term healthy life.” He also feels that it is important for weight loss patients to have a fitness program and gradually increase the intensity of their routines for best results.


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