Life after Gastric Sleeve Surgery By Gerald Witt on September 26, 2020

life after gastric sleeve surgery As it has been said in the past, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is not a cure for obesity, but rather a great tool to help obese people begin an efficient and faster weight loss journey to be able to live a longer, healthier, happier and a more fulfilling life after gastric sleeve surgery. However, all of this really depends on the patient’s commitment and their ability to follow their surgeon`s recommendations, the proper diet, exercise and habit lifestyle changes.

According to Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo weight loss surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Obesity is a lifelong disease and this means that there is not a surgery, diet or medication that can by itself offer the patient a permanent cure without the patient in fact participating in a new lifestyle. The surgery key to succeed is the good aftercare and moderate lifestyle changes that will provide the patient with wonderful long-term results not only just for weight loss; but also, they will improve their health as well.

To have a healthy life after Gastric Sleeve Surgery, patient are required to do many interpersonal adjustments such as:

  • Eating habits. It is very important that patients are prepared for ups and downs along the weight loss journey avoiding eating to relive stress or eating when they are not hungry. They must learn to eat differently and follow their long-term post weight loss surgery diet which would be:
  1. High Protein, low fat, low sugar and low carbs.

Protein should be eaten first and then, move onto vegetables and fruit and finally the carbohydrate element.

  1. Eat 3 meals a day with a couple of healthy snacks if needed
  2. Eat slowly
  3. Do not eat food and fluids together
  4. Take multivitamins


  • Physical activity. Patients should begin walking right after the procedure and as they heal, they can increase the exercise time and the intensity. Patents should include cardio, resistance and flexibility in their routines. Physical activities such as weights, sit ups, pull ups or abdominal straining should wait until their doctor allows these activities.


  • Patients should not be discouraged when they reach a plateau, as this situation is normal and necessary parts of the weight-loss journey.


  • It is important to set a regular bedtime. Inadequate sleep contributes in weight gain and stress.


  • It is recommended patients quit smoking or using chewing tobacco prior to surgery due to have a lower risk of complication with weight loss surgery because it can lead to decreased blood supply to their body’s tissue and delay healing.  If you quit prior to surgery, continue on after surgery, your lungs and health will greatly improve and you may even add years on to your life!


  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol contains calories, carbs and very few nutrients.


  • Mental Health. Eating habits are frequently affected by emotions and stress. Patient should be preparing for ups and downs along the journey Patients must be positive and seek additional help from their surgeon in case they need it.

Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an important step toward a healthier life. Life after this procedure won`t be easy, but strong planning, patient’s commitment and determination can help as they make the journey.  GOOD LUCK you can Do It!


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