How to prepare for Weight Loss Surgery during the holidays By Gerald Witt on December 04, 2020

prepare for weight loss surgery over the holidaysThe period of time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is one of the hardest times to get through without gaining weight due to the number of parties and gatherings over the Holiday period. If you are trying to prepare for weight loss surgery, or even if you just had weight loss surgery, the holiday season is even harder. Upcoming weight loss surgery patients typically feel anxiety because of their surgery and even more so because they are trying to be committed to their pre-op diet… It is just not easy!  Let us show you how to prepare for your weight loss surgery during the holidays.

Being aware of how your life will be after Weight Loss Surgery is the key to a patient`s weight loss surgery success. The reason for this is because the patient will have long-term successful results if they are mentally prepared to adjust their lifestyle before the surgery, and that includes being prepared for the holidays.

Being on a diet during the holiday season is not easy, so patients typically are worried about their family feasts and gatherings, being surrounded by sweets and treats, eggnog, and all the good food that families have over the holiday period. However, Christmas festivities and holidays should be moments to enjoy not for suffering. Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo, the bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico recommends a few tips to help you follow your pre-surgery diet wisely during the holiday season:

  • Be committed to yourself and make a contract. Before having any holiday meal, write down your goals and think about your future body.
  • Start a new healthy tradition. Look for healthy dishes replacing old standards.  Focus on the proteins available during the festivities and avoid the carbs and sugars.
  • Reduce the size of your plate. You do not need to eat the same as everybody else. Get away from the large buffet options and observe and think before serving. Try to focus on foods you know you should be eating and enjoy those options without suffering.
  • Avoid staying near the food table for extended periods. You are better off enjoying your time catching up with friends and family.
  • If you go out, try to pack some healthy snacks because the holiday season is filled with temptation.
  • Since people don’t really think about liquid calories, drink smarter, choose wisely avoid sweet drinks, and beverages with soda.
  • Cook healthy and make holiday festive dishes with a lot of colors and flavors that you are allowed to eat. Volunteer to make a salad or veggie and protein loaded dishes that look festive.
  • Exercise during the holidays is a great way to stay on track because it relieves stress and acts as a natural appetite suppressant
  • Eat well and healthy before your party. This way you will not only feel full but you will not over-eat later.
  • Try to avoid the people who always push food onto you (the aunts and grandmas in the family lol).  You know the ones that always say try this and try that or here just eat a little more of this…. Just let them know you already tried what they are offering and that it was fantastic!
  • Drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated. The water will help you feel full, and try to drink water throughout the party or event, just make sure you wait about 20-30 minutes after eating to drink liquids.

If you have already decided to change your life, be committed, and follow the tips we shared above, as they will help you to be successfully prepared for the weight loss surgery through the holiday season.

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