Weight Loss Surgery, New Year, New You! By Gerald Witt on December 24, 2020

weight loss surgery mexicoThe New Year is a great time for setting goals and even more for those who just had weight loss surgery or are about to have it. The New year is always a time to think about a new beginning, a new future, and a new you.  If you just recently had gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery or are considering any weight loss procedures, the New Year will be your year for success.

More than anything else, the most common goals or changes that people want to make are to have a new body, lose weight and be healthier which is never easy, and for some people that takes much more than diet and exercise alone. As such, they research weight loss surgery in Mexico as an option to help themselves for many years yet never take action. There could be many reasons to explain why the decision of having a weight loss surgery is not easy to make; however, they would first need a screening process to see if they qualify.

Having that in mind Weight Loss Surgery as a new year resolution is probably the perfect way to approach it. However, Weight Loss Surgery is just the initial step and the primary part of the weight loss journey. It is great that the patient has made their resolutions for next year in which setting achievable goals are included to keep yourself motivated not only the first month of the year but the whole year long.

As it is said above, it is important to set goals that are realistic and achievable because, this would make reaching your goals easy, building more self-confidence, and a friendly weight loss process. It does not mean you should not dream about that NEW YOU, but that big picture of your goals can be broken down into smaller, more manageable goals.

It also helps to make your goals measurable and specific so, you can easily track your progress, always celebrating each step you conquer, being positive, no matter how small it seems. Remember the physical and mental challenges are included in this weight loss package, so be prepared for everything, emotionally and physically. Every person is different, even when you hear stories from others, each case is different and every one is unique in the process and in their commitment to their resolutions for the New Year. So, focus on yourself, on what you want and you will succeed.  This next year will be YOUR year so if you have had weight loss surgery or if you are thinking about weight loss surgery, make the changes required of you and you will have a New Year and a New You!

Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico who operates out of his bariatric clinic, Weight Loss Team, believes that achieving a patients goals step by step, as the times goes by, even if that is not that fast, is the key to success and allows the patient to reach all that they dreamed about at the beginning of the year.

Your progress should be small steps going toward a healthier lifestyle in all ways with positive reinforcement to keep yourself always moving forward, without quitting, this way the New Year will help you form the New You!

If having weight loss surgery is one of your new year’s resolutions, Weight Loss Team, and Dr. Hidalgo is the best option for you! Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo provide quality, excellent healthcare, and affordable all-inclusive surgery packages at the state of the Art modern CMQ Riviera Nayarit hospital located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Moreover, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal tropical non-language barrier location that is safe and easy to get to with nonstop and direct flights from the US and Canada.

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