Weight Loss Surgery is a Tool to Success By Gerald Witt on February 08, 2021

Even though Weight Loss Surgery is considered as the best cure for obesity, in reality, weight loss surgery, either Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, or even the Duodenal Switch, are all in fact merely tools to help you achieve the success you desire. Weight Loss Surgery patients must look at the surgery as the tool they need to achieve a successful weight loss journey not merely as a magic bullet or a miracle pill.

The main objective of Weight Loss Surgery is to produce weight loss through restriction, malabsorption, or both. So, the success comes when patients adopt a lifestyle modification and their body will adapt to the impact of restriction of the food they eat and or the malabsorption of that food.  The Gastric Sleeve surgery helps the patient lose weight by limiting the amount of food the patient eats by reducing the capacity of the stomach and thus allowing the patient to feel fuller quicker.  This is known as restriction or restricting the amount of food consumed by the patient.  The Gastric Bypass allows the food to bypass the patient’s body by way of processing the food eaten in the small intestine and this is known as malabsorption.  Patients at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico can choose between either of these surgeries as tools for their weight loss success.

Most overweight people choose to undergo a weight loss procedure focusing on their main goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle with a normal BMI after the surgery; however, if they are not committed to real-life habit changes, that is not going to happen. It is just a matter of time in which they will regain their weight back.

Patients must understand that the weight loss procedure is the tool to success and the key to reaching that success is to learn correct diet and exercise habits in order to maximize the long-term effects after surgery and the maintenance of their successful weight loss. The surgery is not a cure by itself.

It is important to mention that obesity is more than just having extra weight. It is a complex disease that carries life-affecting co-morbidities. The complications of being obese go beyond medical problems such as physical limitations, physiological issues, and social stigmas among other things. That is why, educating oneself about weight loss procedures, knowing that it is not just losing weight fast, understanding their pros and cons, the benefits and risks and how is life after surgery helps the patients successfully achieve their weight loss goal by using the tool provided by their surgeon.

Weight Loss Surgery is never the easy way out and actually, requires hard work and dedication on behalf of the patient.  The surgery itself is just the beginning, the actual journey and success come from what the patient puts into themselves after the surgery itself.  These surgeries as tools help guide the patient through a weight loss journey requiring responsibility and commitment to nutrition, exercise, good behavior, and healthy habits as well as follow up to your surgeon`s instructions.

Weight Loss Surgery will help patients feel satisfied with less food so, it is the patient`s decision to ensure that the food they eat is nutritious, rich in protein, low in fat, and low in sugar and carbs. It is also the patient’s responsibility to include exercise in their process which is also the key to long-term success because it will not only help the patient lose weight but to maintain their ideal weight for years to come. And even by doing everything listed above, the patient still needs to change their old bad habits to new and healthy ones.

If you have made your decision to undergo Bariatric Surgery, you have chosen an excellent tool to reach your weight loss goal and achieve the healthier lifestyle you`ve dreamed of. However, all this will depend on YOUR actions to achieve YOUR success.

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