Better Option For Weight Loss: Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Balloon By Gerald Witt on April 20, 2021

When an obese person is determined and decides to have bariatric surgery, it is normal that they have many questions about what would be the best surgery option for them.  As such, it is important that they speak to the doctor or their surgeon and try their best to determine which weight loss surgery is right for them. We all know that carrying excess weight causes a significant impact on many aspects of the patient’s life and weight loss is a big challenge to achieve so, they must find that the results of their efforts are as significant as they expect.  Many people however find an interest in the Orbera Gastric Balloon surgery as a weight loss option, while others consider the gastric sleeve.  This causes some questions, one of which is, which is a better option for weight loss between the gastric sleeve and the gastric balloon surgery.

One of the most asked questions is why is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery option is better than the Gastric Balloon Surgery. Obviously, these surgeries are two very popular weight loss procedures and some people think they know which is best based on comments and experiences read on the internet, and from other bariatric patients, however, they do not really know what to choose because they need the proper answer a specialist would give to them according to each medical case.

The Gastric Sleeve procedure is performed laparoscopically and it is permanent surgery that can`t be reversed. With the Gastric Sleeve surgery, the surgeon will take out between 60 to 80% of the stomach leaving the remaining stomach in a banana-shaped sleeve. Being a smaller stomach, patients will hold much less food than they did prior to surgery. In this operation, the ghrelin hormone which stimulates appetite and promotes fat storage is also removed. So, Gastric Sleeve will help patients to eat less food, successfully diet and their body will burn more fat.

Gastric Balloon procedure is also called intragastric or stomach balloon surgery and the most popular brand on the market is the Orbera Gastric Balloon.  This balloon is inserted via an endoscopy and placed into the stomach. Once the balloon is in there, it will be filled and inflated up to the size of a small orange with a nitrogen hexafluoride gas mixture, using a bendable tube attached to an inflation system. Since the balloon is free-floating, it will move around the stomach and be there for up to six months, during which time the patient’s appetite will decrease, their amount of space available for food will also decrease and as consequence, they will feel fuller. After a 6 month period, the balloon will need to be removed.

Gastric Balloon surgery has very few pros such as:

  • It is less invasive as it is done endoscopically instead of surgery
  • Quicker procedure
  • Twilight sedation may be used for placement
  • General anesthesia required only for the removal
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lower risk of complications

The Gastric Balloon procedure usually results in a lower percentage of weight being lost, causing obviously a reduced impact on obesity-related diseases when compared to Gastric Sleeve Surgery.  Many patients cannot stand the discomfort of the balloon in the stomach and choose to remove the balloon prior to the 6-month window.  The balloon really is only good for BMI’s of 25 or less as the weight loss is minimal.  The cost to remove the balloon is almost the same as the placement, which makes the surgery more costly with less weight loss and no permanent results when compared to the gastric sleeve surgery, and many patients regain all of their weight once the balloon has been removed.  All of this shows us that in reality, the gastric sleeve surgery is a much more viable and practical weight loss surgery option.  The Gastric Sleeve is proven to have:

  • a much higher expected weight loss
  • Faster results
  • Long term goals reached
  • Reduces or eliminates obesity-related health problems
  • Restriction on the amount of food that is eaten
  • Less costly
  • One actual 45-minute surgery and you are done
  • General anesthesia with a low amount of pain post-op.
  • 80% of excess weight is lost with the gastric sleeve
  • The gastric sleeve is the new gold standard for weight loss surgery with long-term results and health benefits.


To have any of the bariatric procedures mentioned above, the patient must undergo to an evaluation made by the specialist to determine if they are candidates or not in terms of their unique situation and medical history. Weight Loss Team located in Puerto Vallarta can help you to make the right choice by looking over all of your medical histories and giving you a true evaluation as to which surgery would be right for you.

The Gastric Sleeve and Gastric balloon are tools to help patients to achieve their weight loss goals but to be successful they must commit to a healthier lifestyle. The key to success with either method is motivation and commitment but ultimately the Gastric Sleeve surgery option is a much more practical and viable option for weight loss as opposed to gastric balloon surgery.

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