What exercise can be done after weight loss surgery? By Gerald Witt on July 12, 2021

 A patient, who has already had Weight Loss Surgery, must be committed to adopting a physically active lifestyle along with a healthy diet which will be important to their long-term weight loss success. However, it is essential that those patients should learn how to incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives after surgery.  So the real question is what exercise can be done after weight loss surgery and the answer is basically any aerobic exercise.

Obese patients know their excess body weight is a big obstacle when doing exercise. However, they need to understand that as they lose more and more weight, it will be easier to exercise, they just need to find an appropriate exercise program with an initial objective so that after the weight loss, they will have more mobility and less stress on their body and joints. Performing exercise after a weight loss procedure is an excellent way to improve physical and mental health. More than that, physical activity is a complementary adjunct therapy to Weight Loss Surgery.

Here are some strategies or recommendations regarding exercise to help the patient achieve and maintain their ideal weight. These routines and strategies will depend on each patient and their abilities, so each person has to take proper guidance before adding anything new into their diet or workout routine.

  • Right after surgery, increase your daily activities such as cleaning the house, try using the stairs, park further away, etc.
  • Start slowly with short walks each day until you increase the intensity (this can apply to a lot of activities like cycling, aerobic exercise, etc.)
  • Begin gradually and progress until you are exercising 60 minutes a day.
  • Do aerobic exercises that are low to moderate impact and intensity.
  • If the patient does a lot of cardio and keeps losing weight, they might want to consider a reduction and once near goal weight applying a weight lifting program to start forming out the muscles and achieve a more fit body.
  • Use light to moderate heavyweights in this phase as you start out.
  • Too much exercise can cause the patient to continue losing weight. The patient must adjust their workout and achieve a balance of weight loss and muscle buildup when near goal weight.
  • Modify the exercise if it causes pain
  • If the patient has major joint limitations in their lower extremities, they should try to perform the strength exercises from a seated position or even in a swimming pool.
  • Eat protein bars, nuts, dry fruit, trail mix, grains (caution watch your carb intake with these items).
  • Drink more liquids with the added calories you need (a protein shake a day or more)
  • Keep changing your diet and workout as your body requires
  • Eat up to 5 to 6 small meals a day
  • Patients should always change up their exercise routine including flexibility, cardio, and strength training every 4 or 6 weeks

There is a high percentage of weight loss patients who do not exercise enough and obviously, they won`t have the same weight loss results nor health benefits as of those patients who do and are consistent in doing the proper exercise program.

Living healthy after weight loss surgery requires many interpersonal adjustments for the individual, how the patient thinks about him or herself. Some patients gain much more confidence as they successfully change their lifestyle and manage their weight. Exercising can be a key to success in one part of postoperative healthy life.

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