Can I get rid of diabetes with Weight Loss Surgery? By Gerald Witt on August 30, 2021

Taking care of your body is not just about the way you look, sometimes it goes even further, at times it is about health and overall quality of life. Being overweight can cause life-long severe diseases such as Diabetes. Weight Loss Surgery is a weight loss option for people with or without diabetes to help patients with their weight-loss struggles. The surgery however is only the beginning. As the patient begins losing weight, they become healthier and live fuller and more active lives.

Most Weight Loss Surgeries are considered very safe and effective procedures that usually will help tackle severe obesity and maintain long-term weight loss results. In addition, weight loss surgery will improve weight-related diseases or medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Most patients who undergo Weight Loss Surgery typically take quite a bit of medication, but after their weight loss success, many have drastically reduced the amount of medication they need to take and most patients have seen a drastic improvement in their health.  Obesity and diabetes are chronic diseases that many times go hand and hand, and weight loss surgery can treat both medical problems. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when blood sugar levels in the body are too high and obesity is one of the factors in developing diabetes. As such extremely obese people have an enormous risk of having this disease.

Research shows that Weight Loss Surgery can make a big difference for overweight people with type 2 diabetes. These patients over time, post-surgery typically will need less medication, blood sugar levels should come back to normal, and blood pressure may fall back to normal rates. Most bariatric patients lose between 60 to 80% of the excess weight during the first 18 months after surgery; the effect on blood sugar occurs right after surgery. Patients typically start to reduce the dosage of their medication right after surgery and usually 2 years out from surgery, many patients do not need diabetes drugs at all as long as they follow their doctor’s advice, and have lost their excess weight with diet and exercise.

Weight Loss Surgery can help the patient’s body produce and use insulin more efficiently and effectively. These kinds of procedures like the RNY, Gastric Bypass or VSG, Gastric Sleeve surgery, change the way the digestive system works in ways that benefit people with diabetes by increasing the amount of bile acids that their body’s produce, which in turn is more sensitive to insulin.

In the long term, Weight Loss Surgery will work best over time if patients are committed to, and follow their specialist`s instructions about eating, taking vitamins, and performing physical activity or exercise, as well as changing the other bad habits they have such as drinking alcoholic beverages in excess, bad sleeping habits, being under stress most of the day, or many others that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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