Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safe in Mexico? By Gerald Witt on October 12, 2021

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a medical procedure that helps many people who have severe obesity lose weight by making changes to their digestive system. This procedure is a big step for a patient’s weight-loss journey which could be considered as a new beginning for their life. That is because the patient will have long-term beneficial results for health and weight with good aftercare and moderate lifestyle changes.  That said many people often ask if gastric sleeve surgery is safe in Mexico, and the answer is a resounding yes! 

Over more time than the last decade, and every year thereafter, more and more people decide to travel to Mexico to have weight loss surgery. Mexico has emerged as one of the biggest medical tourism destinations for a variety of surgical procedures, including Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Many men and women from different countries, especially from the USA and Canada undergo Gastric Sleeve in Mexico with excellent results.

Mexico has several highly rated hospitals led by top qualified bariatric surgeons who perform all types of bariatric procedures such as The CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital and Weight Loss Team with Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital offers top-notch state-of-the-art medical care in a world-class hospital environment and Weight Loss Team now performs more weight loss surgeries than any other medical practice in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Medical care in Mexico is safe and highly efficient, featuring top-quality medicine and care, assuring complete privacy and confidentiality to each patient.

Even so, many patients from Canada and the USA are still insecure and concerned about the safety of having Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico. It is normal to have these concerns because Gastric Sleeve Surgery as with any other Weight Loss procedure, is a complex surgery and involves certain risks, so patients should be well informed about all of the aspects that are involved in having surgery in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico not only has many benefits related to surgical weight loss procedures and patients´ health but the city is also the leading choice for many patients who want to have surgery in Mexico and make a true vacation out of their surgery.  Puerto Vallarta is not only a medical haven for tourism but with it lush tropical paradise setting and so many things to do before and after surgery, it just seems like the best option in Mexico to have your safe  Gastric Sleeve Surgery. By choosing to have surgery in Puerto Vallarta with Weight Loss Team, not only do you save money over having surgery in the USA or a shorter wait than having surgery in Canada, but the patient also receives the best care in Mexico at a world-class hospital, CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital and with the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico, Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo.

Mexico is a safe and conveniently located destination for Canadians and Americans due to its proximity to each country especially with the number of nonstop and direct flights from both the USA and Canada.  Not to mention that Puerto Vallarta also offers quality medical care, certified doctors and surgeons, great quality hospitals, and spectacular places and attractions to visit.  Patients can easily find top-quality medical treatments performed by the most professional and experienced doctors in Mexico here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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