How do I prepare for My Weight Loss Surgery in Puerto Vallarta By Gerald Witt on November 24, 2021

 When people are thinking about Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, they always ask the same question… How do I prepare for my weight loss surgery?  The answer is simple, do what your doctors ask of you and follow the medical instructions that are given to you.  In this article, we will go over important steps on how to prepare for your weight loss surgery either in Mexico or anywhere else you decide to have it.  It is important that the patients prepare for their surgery so that they can have long-term successful results and so that they are mentally prepared to adjust their lifestyle before and after the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery is a big step for substantial weight loss and life change. However, the surgery itself is not enough to ensure long-term weight loss success. A proper diet plan pre-and post-surgery is the key to an optimal patient outcome.  Patients need to know how to be prepared for Weight Loss Surgery because the life changes, as well as the weight loss journey, begin before the surgery not after.

At Weight Loss Team, the Bariatric Surgical Center in Puerto Vallarta, for example, there is a Pre-op diet plan that consists in the patient eating a high percentage of lean protein and a low percentage of fat, while avoiding carbs and sugars. The main objective of the pre-op diet is to not only reduce the fat around the liver and stomach but also to prepare the patient for their future diet plan as well as eliminate the craving created by carbs and sugars.  It can take 2 weeks for a sugar craving to be eliminated from the body, so doing a sugar-free preop diet, allows the body to get rid of the sugar cravings.   Note at some surgical centers if you do not follow the preop diet plan provided by your surgeon, they may even cancel or postpone your weight loss surgery.

There are very important recommendations in the Pre-op diet plan that patients need to take into consideration apart from the diet itself (70% protein considering 1200 calories per day)

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid consuming caffeinated and sugary beverages approximately one month prior to surgery.
  • Do not drink liquids with meals
  • Consume protein shakes
  • Buy a blender or Cuisinart or blender bottle for protein
  • Eat soup broth with no solids
  • Vegetable juice but not fruit juice is allowed
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after a meal before taking in any fluids
  • Consume protein shakes
  • Begin and maintain a workout routine beginning with the aerobics
  • Lower your daily calories to a range between 800-1200
  • Mentally prepare yourself and start to analyze your lifestyle changes
  • Be emotionally ready for your weight loss journey
  • Start a healthy lifestyle routine a few weeks before surgery to have the chance to get used to new habits and routines in your life.
  • Make arrangements for someone to be with you for your procedure
  • If you have small kids at home, plan for their care for the first weeks following your surgery (there is no heavy lifting for about 3 weeks post-surgery).

Ahead of any weight loss surgery, the patient will go through a medical evaluation. All types of weight-loss surgeries have pros and cons and each patient must learn about them and be prepared for their postop lifestyle.

Once the Weight Loss Operation has been performed, the stomach needs to heal and what the patient eats will determine how well and how quickly he or she will recover. Weight loss patients must commit as well to a post-op diet plan to prevent the stomach from stretching and allow the stomach to heal correctly. By not following the postop diet created by your surgeon, the patient may put undue stress on their body.

Weight Loss Surgery patients must be determined to reach their weight loss goal.  As such it is very important to always follow their surgeon’s recommendations.  This way they will make the right choices and avoid any side effects and complications from their weight loss surgery. The weeks after surgery are the most important for the healing process and that is why the post-op diet is folded into stages continuing on until the patient is ready to tolerate solid foods. After that, once the patient starts eating regular food their diet is very important for weight loss success.  At this point, the patient should avoid all carbs and sugars and focus on lean protein and veggies for utmost success.

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