How to survive the holidays after Weight Loss Surgery in Vallarta By Gerald Witt on December 25, 2021

weight loss surgery tipsChristmas Holidays, Hanukah, New Year, this time of year means parties and more parties, lunches, and dinners, drinks, and reunions with friends and family which always leads to delicious treats and feasts! All of this excitement for weight loss surgery patients can be a minefield for everyone to get through. Patients may feel a little nervous about the challenges of upcoming celebrations, even more, if their weight loss surgery was recently performed. As such, the patient must put a priority on having a plan to get through the holidays, and with a few tips here in this article, we will try to help you survive the holiday season after having your weight loss surgery and avoid weight regain and disappointment.

Weight loss patients must know that Weight Loss Surgery success relies on simple rules that will not change during holidays. As such, they must stay positive and focus on the real meaning of the season and enjoy the food they can eat, instead of suffering because of what they cannot. Keeping those simple rules in mind, patients will be able to avoid overindulging and make the right choices at their gatherings. The following are the basic guidelines for ultimate success:

  • Eat slowly. There is no rush, enjoy every bite and flavor
  • Watch your portions. Serve yourself just what you can eat and avoid overeating
  • Track what you eat
  • Be mindful of what you put in your mouth
  • Follow your diet plan
  • Stop eating when you are full and move away from food and enjoy some other non-food activities. AVOID TEMPTATIONS
  • Do not skip meals in order to save calories for a bigger payoff
  • Watch the alcohol. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Choose healthy options; focus on lean protein, avoid fried foods, desserts, and carbs.
  • Do not forget to do physical activities. Do not remain seated, walk, do some jogging, biking, etc.
  • Do not go to a party or dinner hungry have a healthy snack before going.
  • Bring healthy dishes to holiday gatherings
  • Remember vitamins and supplements are important
  • Be social and use your allies, ask them for help and support
  • Enjoy your holidays and loved ones

The holidays are a great time to enjoy yourself even when you cannot eat the same as in the past. Your life has changed and you are on your weight loss journey so try to stay focused and do not overeat.  Stay within your bodies and diets limitations. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others especially during the Holiday Season!  See you Next Year!

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