New Year’s Resolutions for Weight Loss Surgery Patients By Gerald Witt on December 31, 2021

weight loss resolutionsDespite their best efforts, many weight loss patients find themselves getting off track with their healthy habits during the Holiday Season. Obviously, for most weight loss surgery patients, this can be discouraging, but with the New Year comes a perfect time to set new goals, reset our pouches, or even restore our old good habits that were in place right after surgery.  The New Year allows for a new you, and it will allow those patients that have strayed from the path of a healthy lifestyle to get back on track and start back up with their diet and pathway to success.

Dr. Hidalgo, the lead surgeon at Weight Loss Team, the bariatric surgical center at the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital, always says that it is important for weight loss patients to see the New Year as a chance for a rebirth, and to look at the upcoming year with optimism so that they may put their health and new life-style back on track and focus on the priority of weight loss with good intentions and great resolutions such as the following:

  • Eating properly according to a weight loss eating plan
  • Exercise more
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid smoking
  • Sleep well, get 8 hours or more per night!
  • Take vitamins and supplements
  • Try to live with less stress and enjoy good mental health
  • Have a great relationship with food, accepting what you can or cannot eat
  • Enjoy the new life reaching new goals you never dreamed possible
  • Self-care: do what you like to do, distraction-free: hiking, swimming, reading, kayaking, traveling, etc.
  • Set the changes or goals you want and go for them, be realistic
  • Weigh yourself weekly not daily
  • Walk more, use your car less
  • Maintain weekly support from other weight loss patients
  • Share your story with others to keep motivated
  • Volunteer and help others
  • Educate yourself about bariatric meals and cook new dishes
  • Document your measurements each month to keep motivated

Weight Loss Surgery Patients have already chosen to change their lives and typically are losing weight and starting to feel better about themselves. Sometimes as the Holidays happen, weight regain can occur, or diets can be forgotten, and as such it is important to use the New Year to start new habits and get back on the path to meet new goals for the New Year.

Patients’ Resolutions and Goals will vary depending on how far out of surgery they are. As such, patients must refocus themselves on making healthy choices to work along with their surgery such as limiting high fat or food that are high in sugars, eating lean protein, avoiding carbs, and even alcoholic beverages. Remember that Weight Loss Surgery is a tool that when not used properly, will not work. The real goal of Weight Loss Surgery is not only to lose weight but also to help patients have a happy and healthy life that will provide a lifetime of benefits.

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