Importance of vitamins and minerals after Weight Surgery in Mexico By Gerald Witt on January 31, 2022

It is essential that Weight Loss Surgery patients understand how important it  is to take vitamins and minerals after their surgery for the rest of their life. When people lose weight, mood, energy and focus can suffer from a lack of proper vitamins. Blood test will be required every three months for the first two years to check on your health and proper nutrition. Weight Loss patients need to consider three important things: water intake, micronutrients and macronutrients.

Weight Loss Surgery alters patients’ anatomy, in turn altering the way their body absorbs the nutrients they take in from food, such as vitamins and minerals. Without having the right supplements, patients are at risk of deficiency and their health will be in danger.

Weight Loss Patients’ new stomach does not have the capacity to consume enough food to get the adequate number of micronutrients and the digestive enzymes might also be reduced, as such this would limit the breakdown of food as it passes into their digestive tract causing the vitamin and mineral deficiency in the patient.

Patients after weight loss surgery have a smaller stomach than they used to have before the surgery, and they will take in significantly less calories than preop, leaving no room for empty calories or poor food choices. This does not mean that reducing the size of their stomach decreases their vitamins and mineral needs; in fact it is the opposite. If their diet does not include enough protein, they might notice thinning or fragile hair or loss of hair, vitamins and mineral loss, fatigue, excess muscle break down, weakness, swelling of feet and legs, nausea, vertigo or increased hunger, and even weight loss stalls, among other consequences. As such, patients must start every meal with protein, even when vegetables, fruits and other carbohydrates are part of their diet, protein must be their priority without forgetting their daily complements: vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals that are designed for Bariatric Patients are ideal choices for post weight loss surgery patients according to Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo the lead surgeon at Weight Loss Team, the bariatric surgery center at the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  If you cant find a good quality bariatric multi vitamin, then a second choice would be a good prenatal vitamin as they usually have the same type of ingredients.  Vitamins such as vitamin B play important roles in the regulation of patient’s metabolism, so, it is very important that the patients get the right vitamins that they need and in the proper amounts. If they don’t, then deficiency can lead to fatigue and muscle weakness, then lead into more serious conditions such as anemia or even memory loss.

Minerals as well are an essential part of patient’s body requirements and as such they need these nutritional components to be healthy as well.

The key to success is having a strong eating strategy in order to have the right food choices which include their maximum nutrient intake and overcoming any emotional or mental eating cravings that can cause overeating and poor food choices.

For the first six months, Dr. Hidalgo recommends the patient take vitamins and minerals in chewable, liquid, soft chew or powdered form for better absorption by the body. After that time, patients can switch to tablets or capsules.

All Weight Loss patents must take a good complete multivitamin which include at least: iron, B1, B6 and zinc. Some patients will need also Calcium, B12 and Vitamin D.

Patients need to take their new body seriously. They have a new way of eating and living and proteins, vitamins and minerals are part of it!

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