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Tips for success after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

By Gerald Witt on March 11, 2022

What are some good tips for success after gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most asked questions from patients looking to have weight loss surgery in Mexico.  As such Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo, the lead bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, put together a few tips to help everyone out after their gastric sleeve surgery.  Weight Loss Team is the bariatric surgical center located at the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital, and when overweight patients look to have surgery in Mexico, they usually want to go to this world class hospital and Mexico’s leading surgeon and team.

The first tip is to embrace your new lifestyle.  By embracing your new lifestyle, you will break up your old bad habits and this will lead to successful weight loss and long term success. It is important to first understand what bad habits you have, and then make the change to avoid repeating them after surgery.

Another great tip is to commit to a new diet for life and make a true lifestyle change.  Lifestyle change means you need to actually change what you do, from what you eat to what you do for activities and exercise.   This may require many interpersonal adjustments for an individual, mental and emotional health would be a priority of postoperative weight loss success.  Looking at our old eating habits and focus on our new habits will lead to our weight loss success. Some patients gain much more confidence as they successfully change their lifestyle and manage their weight loss through physical activity and a healthy diet.

Additional tips for success after Gastric Sleeve surgery would be the following:

  1. Start focusing on healthy sleeping patterns. Set a regular bedtime and wake up at a healthy regular time so that you are on a schedule with a decent amount of hours for sleep.  This will help improve the patients energy which is important for exercise and daily activities.
  2. Focus on healthy eating habits. Patients should follow their post-up healthy diet. Patients should eat no more than three meals a day with two snacks, learning to listen to their bodies for when they should eat as well as always eat protein first for every meal.
  3. Focus on stress management.  Staying stress free will help your overall health and being in stressful environments can lead to wrong food choices.
  4. Chew your food thoroughly when eating can help prevent unpleasant side effects and also help you feel full quicker
  5. Do not snack outside of your two scheduled snacks per day.  This will lead to grazing.
  6. Find a physical sport activity and practice this regularly. Exercise will help patient`s mobility and have great benefits in the body and health.  Finding a fun activity that is exercise is a pure bonus and makes doing it easier.
  7. Quit smoking as it leads to decreased blood supply to the patient’s body which in turn delays’ healing while making physical activity harder and may lead to eating more.
  8. Drink a lot of water and avoid liquids with calories.
  9. Include vitamins and supplements in the daily diet as they will help regulate the body’s core processes such as appetite and hunger, nutrient absorption, fat and sugar metabolism, energy storage, brain activity and thyroid function.
  10. Drink at least one protein drink a day to ensure you always have a decent amount of protein consumed each day.  This will always help give you a boost of energy you can use to help you do so many things throughout the day.

Weight Loss Surgery can help get patients on a path to a good healthy lifestyle when other efforts have failed; however, it is not a magical solution.  Weight loss surgery still requires attitude and behavioral changes from the patient as well as a lot of work and effort for success. Surgery is just the tool, the diet and what the patient does after is what leads to success.  Hopefully these tips will help the patient stay on track after their gastric sleeve surgery.

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