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Is the single incision sleeve right for me?

By Gerald Witt on March 28, 2022

single incision gastric sleeve The single incision gastric sleeve surgery is a good option for many patients looking to have weight loss surgery with only one scar in the belly button area.  This surgery is right for some and not others, so many patients wonder if the single incision gastric sleeve is the right surgery for them.

Morbid obesity has been a serious medical situation for decades. Weight loss surgery is currently the most effective surgical treatment for this medical problem and its associated comorbidities giving a hope of having a new healthy life and the single incision and regular laparoscopic gastric sleeve is one of the better solutions to help people lose weight when they are morbidly obese.

Today, The Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a minimally invasive bariatric procedure that restricts the volume of food a person can eat and decreases the appetite of the patient. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical procedure where the surgeon typically makes four to five very small incisions in the abdomen and inserts a laparoscope with a very small camera which sends pictures to the monitor so that the surgeon able to perform the surgery which offers a lasting solution to effective weight loss by removing between 60 % to 80% of the patients stomach using a minimally invasive surgical technique.

That said there is now a gastric sleeve procedure which uses a single incision through the belly button instead of multiple incision in the abdomen area and the single incision surgery leaves a small scar in the belly button area instead of 4 or 5 small scars that can be noticeable on the abdomen.  This makes the single incision surgery more suitable to patients that don’t want to have scars on their abdomen. This kind of surgery gives patients an opportunity for great improved cosmetic results.  The surgery itself, the gastric sleeve is done the exact same way, the main difference is the access point and the scarring post-surgery.

The single incision gastric sleeve uses a special port that is placed near or around the belly button area.  The surgery is then performed by having the surgeon place all of the laparoscopic tools through this special port and then the sleeve surgery is performed through this single incision resulting obviously, in minimal scaring. After ending the surgery, the surgeon stitches and closes the incision and bandages are placed over it.  Typically the single incision surgery is a little more expensive due to the cost of the entry port that is used for surgery. 

Not everyone is a candidate for the single incision gastric sleeve surgery and it is important to know if you qualify for the procedure before scheduling.  Weight Loss Team, the Bariatric Surgery Center at the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital in Puerto Vallarta recommends these key factors to consider seeing if you qualify for the single incision gastric sleeve:

  • Your BMI must be a 35 or less
  • You may not have prior abdominal surgery
  • Your excess body mass fat must not be centered in the central abdomen
  • You must be age 18 to 60
  • This cannot be a revision surgery
  • You must have the right attitude toward food, exercise and health
  • Mental and emotional health must be stable

Obesity is a lifelong disease and this means that there is no permanent cure. Gastric Sleeve surgery or Single Incision Gastric sleeve surgeries are just tools that will help you achieve your healthy new lifestyle.  It is important for weight loss patients to know that the success of any weight loss surgery is in their hands, and the good aftercare and moderate lifestyle changes that will provide the patient wonderful long-term results not only for their weight but also their improved health.

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