Which weight loss surgery is right for me? By Gerald Witt on April 09, 2022

which weight loss surgery is right for meGenerally, people who have been struggling with their obesity problems for almost their whole life, have always dreamed about having a rapid weight loss body change, and an opportunity that would let them live a long healthy life far away from their bad eating habits and low self-esteem. Weight Loss Surgery may be that change that they have dreamed about but most obese patients always ask …which weight loss surgery is right for me?

Weight Loss Surgery success is generally defined as achieving a 70 percent loss or more of excess body weight and obviously, the most difficult part of the weight loss is maintaining that weight loss without changing the new life style changes you have already made.

As such, the answer to the question: which weight loss surgery is right for me?; would in fact require a medical evaluation with a bariatric specialist who would then suggest to the patient the ideal weight loss procedure according to their medical history and medical situation. Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo the bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, says that it is important to find the needs of each patient based on their medical history and eating habits.  He feels that for example sweet eaters should focus more on the gastric bypass surgery if their bmi is well over 40 or others may need a gastric sleeve if their habits allow or show that the patient will be successful with that surgery option.  That said however, the ideal weight loss surgery will really depend on patient’s health, body type, eating habits and ability to follow a strict diet after their surgery.

Typically most bariatric surgeons will consider the following aspects when trying to figure out which weight loss surgery would be the right one for their patients:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Age
  • Severe obesity
  • Any other medical condition: high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Medical history
  • Mental health
  • Eating Habits
  • Past Diet Success
  • Physical Activity Ability
  • Among others

Weight Loss Surgery works in three important basic ways:

  1. Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery: This surgery limits how much food a patient’s stomach can hold at any time by shrinking the size of the stomach and slowing down the digestion.  This would be the gastric sleeve surgery, lapband surgery (now outdated), or the inter-gastric balloon surgery (also not very successful for weight loss).
  2. Malasorptive Weight Loss Surgery: This surgery prevents the patient’s digestive system from absorbing all the calories and some nutrition in the food the patients eat. This procedure changes how patients take in food giving them a smaller stomach and also removing or bypassing part of their digestive tract which makes it harder for their body to absorb calories.  This would be the RNY Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch surgery.
  3. A combination of the above ways

For long-term success after Weight Loss Surgery it is important to understand that the key to the patient’s success is their commitment to change their old bad habits for new good habits, which involve a physical activity routine and clean eating, as well as following your surgeons post-surgery indications.  Weight Loss Surgery can help a patient get on the path to good healthy life when other efforts have failed in the past; however, weight loss surgery is not a magical solution or pill.  Not only is it important for the patient to make the right choice with regards to which surgery is right for them, but also it is important for the patient to have a complete behavioral change and overarching attitude with regards to their weight loss journey.

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