How To Gain Your Families Support For Weight Loss Surgery By Gerald Witt on May 04, 2022

family support for weight loss surgeryWeight Loss Surgery gives obese people one of the greatest opportunities to lose weight even though there are a lot of options out there for people struggling with this medical condition known as obesity. However, weight loss surgery is not an easy decision to make, and it is an important decision that patients should take with their entire family.  The key question for the patient however is how to convince their family that weight loss surgery is the right decision for them.

During the time frame that patients are deciding to have their weight loss procedure, some people may experience emotional or personal issues due to family members placing undue pressure on the patient to not have the weight loss procedure.  This is usually the case, even when the family members have not taken the time to study or learn about what weight loss procedure their loved one is planning on having or even by talking to a bariatric specialist.  As such the family usually is making uninformed decisions out of fear and with a lack of informed knowledge adding stress to the overweight patient that is trying to make a good decision to get their life back in order.

Most of the time, the obese patients are reaching an informed decision to improve their health more than just changing their appearances or looks. As such, they should be supported and congratulated since they are about to make the hardest decision of their life, the very first step to making a life change.

Weight Loss Surgery is probably one of the most profound changes in a weight loss patient’s life. This includes challenging daily adjustments in their habits and lifestyle, and will ultimately even affect the way people treat post-surgery.  Most patients really do take the time to inform themselves about the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery, and it is very important to have the support of both their friends and family.  This will allow for the patient to have an emotionally balanced weight loss journey. It is always important for the patient to make their decision to have surgery seriously, this will keep them motivated every step through their process.

When people who are suffering from obesity decide to have weight loss surgery, they should follow a few steps in order to make the best decisions and gain their family’s support:

  • Visit a specialist with a member of the family or friend
  • Get the proper information about weight loss surgery and share it with your loved ones.
  • Undergo a medical evaluation and share the results with your family
  • Listen to all information the bariatric specialist provides and get a sense of all your options based on medical history
  • Be aware of all the benefits and consequences or side effects and share this with your family
  • Look for the best bariatric surgeon you can afford, do not pick a surgeon based on the cheapest price.
  • Pick a surgeon that operates out of a word class hospital and not just a clinic.
  • Provide facts and educate our family about what you are going to do, how they can help you, and what type of results you are expecting.
  • Be committed to having the surgery, even if some family members try to discourage you.
  • And most importantly, be committed to a lifelong commitment to your new you.

Weight Loss Surgery requires hard work from patients and lots of support from those around them. It is important that the patient has family support and help so that they can achieve the success they deserve with the help of their friends and family.  Weight loss surgery will change the patient for life, so it is important that the family accepts the desires of the patient and helps them make these positive changes in their life.

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