Get to know the CMQ Premier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta Mexico By Gerald Witt on May 10, 2022

weight loss surgery puerto vallarta mexicoWeight Loss Surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico has gained great fame and is a medically safe and approved surgical approach to help obese people lose substantial amounts of weight. Puerto Vallarta Mexico offers the weight loss patient a high-end healthcare infrastructure with affordable prices and a location that is very accessible to Canadians and Americans.   One of the leading hospitals in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the CMQ family of Hospitals.  One of the best surgical options for weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta is at the CMQ Premiere Hospital located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

After doing all the research about bariatric surgery in Mexico and once the patient has considered all the aspects has finally made the decision to move forward with Weight Loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, choosing the right surgeon may be the most important factor to achieving your weight loss and personal health goals.  However, there are obviously other important aspects that patients must consider while choosing a medical tourism place to have surgery in Mexico. That is why if you are considering Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, Weight Loss Team and the lead surgeon, Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo and his team of highly trained surgeons can help you achieve the results you want in a clean, well known, and patient-centered setting: The CMQ Premier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, being one of Mexico’s top destinations, offers tourism not only a world-class destination for vacation but also a wide range of medical options so that if a patient wants, they may have medical treatments and procedures with high quality services and specialty innovation all at a resort destination location.  Healthcare in the US and Canada have become increasingly unaffordable for many Americans and Canadians, and the waitlists for surgeries seem to keep getting longer and longer. Americans pay very high prices for medical services, including consultation fees, diagnostic tests, hospitalization and meds. That is why many of them decide to travel to a Mexico and Puerto Vallarta for medical treatments which offers great quality medical care for a substantially lower cost and better care.  As a second benefit, by choosing Puerto Vallarta, the patient also get an opportunity to take a vacation with their medical treatment and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Mexico during their recovery.

The CMQ Premier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta is home to multiple, well-equipped operating rooms and state of the art modern technology. The hospital located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, provides compassionate patient care and fantastic patient support as well as some of the city’s highest qualified professional doctors and surgeons. The nurses are highly trained and kind and provide compassionate care for each of the patients.  The hospital has a 2 nurse to 1 patient ratio for patient care.

For more than 30 years the CMQ family of hospitals have provided medical and hospitals services to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and the surrounding local communities. Now, the best medical services are available to international patients looking for Weight Loss Surgery right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The CMQ Premiere Hospital allows the doctor to schedule and complete your surgery efficiently so that you do not have to visit multiple facilities as they have everything based in house, from the medical laboratory for blood work, to the x-rays and imaging department. There is a full service Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care Unit and Mid Care Unit to meet all medical emergency needs, and you can expect to receive attentive care throughout your stay from the team of dedicated nurses and bilingual medical staff.                               

Make a vacation out of your weight loss surgery in Mexico! Weight Loss Team and Dr. Hidalgo operate out of the CMQ Premier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta. The hospital is located minutes from the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta and with full service intensive care unit; the CMQ Premier Hospital has everything a patient needs for a successful weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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