Keto Diet vs. Mediterranean Diet. Which is the best? By Gerald Witt on July 19, 2022

Weight Loss Surgery is an important decision to make, and before we have surgery many people have gone on diet after diet.  Some diets are fad diets, and others are new to the market, but people are starting to take interest in the Keto and the Mediterranean Diet. Most overweight people go through a difficult path in life with diets and the whatnot, however, once they make the decision to have surgery and achieve their results, they typically enjoy an improvement in obesity-related health conditions and self-esteem after a successful surgery. Deciding to undergo a weight loss journey is an important decision to change their life dramatically, including a lifelong commitment to the procedure they choose to have and then to the diet they choose to follow after the surgery.  So which diet is better for post-surgery patients, the Mediterranean Diet or the Keto Diet?

It is very important to study what consists of the two diets and to learn as much as you can about all of the options prior to starting a post-surgery diet. Once they are fully educated, they can consider losing weight with either the Keto Diet and or the Mediterranean Diet.

Both the Keto Diet and the Mediterranean Diet are drawing plenty of interest from people all over the world who have tried other diets with no real results and who are looking for something different and effective to help them lose weight.

There are some different aspects of each diet:

  • Keto diet offers quick weight loss while the Mediterranean diet offers gradual weight loss.
  • Mediterranean diet is a more balanced eating of foods while the Keto diet asks for drastic restrictions of certain healthy meal elements and typically allows people to consume high amounts of fat.
  • Mediterranean diet plans allow more traditional foods such as fruits and vegetables, plenty of whole grains, healthy fats, fish and seafood, moderate amounts of dairy, red meat and sugar, etc.
  • Keto diet is focused on burning fat by slashing the carbs patients consume and allowing them to fill up on fat instead. Whole-dairy foods are allowed, ribeye steak, skin-on chicken, pork roast and snacks like bacon are encouraged.
  • Keto diet reduces appetite, dissolves abdominal fat and improves mental sharpness.
  • As a result of Mediterranean diet, patients show stronger bones, healthier heart and longer life
  • Keto diet shows a short-term improvement of blood sugar
  • According to the department of nutrition at Harvard T.H. ‘The keto diet significantly increased LDL cholesterol by 10% while the Mediterranean diet decreased LDL cholesterol by 5%’


There are also some similarities between Keto and Mediterranean diets:


  • There is not an established plan. People can add or incorporate ingredients to suit their taste, lifestyle, food choices and budget.
  • Both kind of diets allows more fat than any other diet plan
  • Both diets can use healthy fat like nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil etc.
  • Both diet plans help people to improve their health, reducing many medical problems associated with obesity.
  • Both diets improve blood glucose control and contributes to heart disease

Note that is you choose Keto, you really should go with a Keto plan that features the Golden Ratio Formula of 72% of fat derived from MTC (medium-chain triglycerides), 25% premium quality protein, and 3% of carbs or less.  Not all diets work for everybody. In reality it is not always about which diet is better but which diet would be the best for you. It is very important that patients talk to the specialist before starting any diet plan or regimen.  For Patients of Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta, the medical team recommends a low fat keto type diet where the patients eat LEAN PROTEIN, low amount of carbs and no sugars, following a 90-30-10 macro for success.  90 g of lean protein, less than 30g of total carbs per day and less than 10g of sugars in the day.

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