Why Mexico is a great option for Weight Loss Surgery By Gerald Witt on July 25, 2022

weight loss surgery in MexicoLately, every year, more and more people decide to travel to Mexico to have Weight Loss Surgery. Mexico being so close to the United States and Canada allows for patients to make a medical vacation and even including the flight they typically will save about 75% off the United States medical prices for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. In recent years, Mexico has become more and more popular as a destination for many different types of surgeries and dental work.  The Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico perform more surgeries per month than their counterparts in the USA or Canada.  Typically there are more than 1000 surgeries performed every week between Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana Mexico.  The skill and experience of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico have in the past been the biggest concern for most people who are considering surgery, but little do most people know that the Bariatric Surgery practice in Mexico is one of the leading cutting edge industries for medical weight loss in the world.

There are very qualified and talented surgeons in Mexico such as Dr. Jorge Parra who operates at Weight Loss Team, Bariatric Surgical Center in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Dr. Parra and Weight Loss Team offer medical care quality that is on par with the US and Canada if not above and beyond the care received in other locations.  Weight Loss Team performs more weight loss surgeries than any other surgery center in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Medical services in Mexico are safe and high quality assuring complete privacy and confidentiality, as well as some of the best care in all of Mexico.

One of the key aspects of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico is that it is less expensive than in the US or Canada.  But the discounted price does not mean discounted care.  In fact most patients who end up choosing Mexico for their weight loss surgery get a highly trained surgeon that has thousands of surgeries under his belt, and medical facilities that are on par with those in the USA.  If the patients choose to come to Puerto Vallarta where the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital is located, they will find a state of the art internationally acclaimed medical center featuring Specialists in multiple areas, and a full service working International Hospital.   Factoring in the top bariatric surgeons in the world, great hospitals and a savings of between 60-75%, there is little doubt why so many people choose to go overseas for their weight loss surgery. An overwhelming number of obese people simply cannot afford these treatments in their home countries so, medical tourism in Mexico for weight loss surgery has emerged as a safe and affordable solution.

Typically the flight is not included in the surgery package but usually most medical tourism packages include the following:

  • Local Hotel Stay usually at a modern Hotel
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Renowned and Qualified Surgeon and Medical Teams
  • Fully Licensed Staffs
  • Operating room, preoperative evaluations,
  • Pre-and post-surgery instructions
  • One night stay at high-quality hospital
  • among others

The benefits of having a low cost weight loss surgery in Mexico is nothing less than world class, with impeccable facilities, highly trained surgeons, and a well-built infrastructure that works with the industry.

Mexico offers patients also beautiful touristic locations that they can choose to have surgery in.  Weight loss surgery packages all-inclusive can be found in some of the nicest cities in Mexico, such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo, and Cancun among others. With these options, patients can really make a vacation out of their medical procedure experience.

All of the Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico, the Hospitals, Nurses and medical teams are also certified by the Mexican government.  This allows the patient to have a peace of mind when choosing to have their weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico is an important decision and some patients may hesitate to go outside their home country. That said, Mexico offers everything that a patient will need to have a successful surgery. Mexico is one of the world’s beautiful destinations for obese people who seek affordable and safe weight loss surgery options with qualified hospital facilities and top board-certified surgeons.

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