Places to eat in Puerto Vallarta after Weight Loss Surgery By Gerald Witt on August 03, 2022

where to eat in Puerto VallartaIf you are thinking in having a Bariatric Surgery in Mexico, there is no better option than Puerto Vallarta. You won’t have any regret choosing this wonderfully beautiful and friendly Pacific Coastal city as your weight loss surgery location.

Puerto Vallarta is a paradisiac vacation location, one of the most popular in all of Mexico. It has some of the best weather, beaches, jungles and a rich cultural history. This pacific coastal city has beautiful sunsets and offers the most relaxing experience you will ever experience. Puerto Vallarta offers a  variety of tours available from the jungle to the sea and even up into the local mountains, providing a fun and safe adventure for the entire family. You can always ask your driver to take you to the Magical Village of San Sebastian, or take a boat tour out to Los Arcos, or up into the jungle to see where the movie Predator was filmed!  Puerto Vallarta also offers one of the leading bariatric surgeons and weight loss clinics in Mexico, Weight Loss Team and Dr. Jorge Parra. One of the most important aspects that concerns patients however, is where to eat after their bariatric surgery. Well, in Puerto Vallarta, that won’t be a problem!

Weight Loss Surgery is an important decision to make. Patients go through a difficult path between the stress of choosing which surgery and where to go and then the pressures from their families and friends sometimes make it even worse.  However, once they have made the decision, then the patient will enjoy an improvement in obesity-related health conditions and even self-esteem after successful weight loss surgery. It is also important to remember that Weight Loss Surgeries are only tools for weight loss success.  The patients success will depend on their strict adherence to the recommended dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes recommended to them by their surgeon.

The Post Op Diet given to each patient by their bariatric specialist, will help each patient adjust to a lifelong dietary behavior modification which helps ensure both an adequate nutritional status and long-term weight loss success.

For example at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta, Dr. Parra recommends the following Postop Diet.

Daily consume 3 protein shakes.


STAGE 2: FULL LIQUID DIET (Day 3 – Day 17) Low-Fat /High protein/Sugar-free

STAGE 3: PUREED DIET (Day 17 – Day 30)  Low-Fat /High protein/Sugar free


After the POSTOP DIET, remember the goal for each day is to consume: 90 grams of Protein, 30 grams or less of carbs and 10 grams or less of sugar.

However, some patients make the mistake of thinking that once they are free to eat solid food after day 30, that they can eat whatever they like.

That is why it is important to avoid the following foods after their Weight Loss Surgery.

  • The patient’s new stomach’s space is limited. So, as carbohydrates are found in majority of foods, always focus on protein, try to make your plate consist of 60 to 70% as a protein source and the remainder as good carbohydrates such as green vegetables or salad. Do not get fat of carbs but choose quality instead of quantity.
  • Foods that provide little or no nutritional value such as sweets, chips, rice cakes, pastries, popcorn, etc.  must be avoided. These kind of foods with too much sugar or grease provokes the condition called ‘Dumping Syndrome’. That is where, those foods are dumped directly into the colon right after you eat them causing weakness, nausea, vomiting, cold sweats and diarrhea.
  • Right after surgery patients should avoid vegetables that are hard to digest such as celery, corn, cabbage, or asparagus. You better off eating soft vegetables with no skin for the first few months after surgery or cook your green vegetables until they are soft.
  • Alcoholic drinks as well as any other liquid take up space in your stomach that need to be packed with healthy food, vitamin and minerals. In addition to this, alcohol absorption increases after surgery. Alcohol is made of sugar, and also mixed with sugary beverages, and also lead to patients eating more food when drinking, so as such should be avoided.  Patients should not drink beverages with food for 30 minutes before and after a meal. And avoid all drinks with sugar, especially soda or pop.
  • If you eat fatty food after surgery, you may feel nausea and it won’t help your weight loss success remember we are trying to get the fat out of the body, so don’t put it into the body.
  • It is essential to include meats and protein in your post-surgery diet because the protein helps our bodies burn the fat we have. So, try to choose meats without fat or gristle such as minced or baked chicken, turkey or fish avoiding fatty steak, pork chop, hot dogs and ham.

Knowing all this above, depending on the post diet stage patients are in, they need to learn about the beautiful places in Puerto Vallarta they can visit and eat before and after their bariatric procedure.

It is important to visit such great restaurants located at:

  • The old town Vallarta ‘Malecon Boardwalk’
  • The Marina Vallarta
  • La Isla Mall
  • La Cruz
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Bucerias
  • Among other areas around

In Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas area around, dining spots range from rustic and charming to high level restaurants that weight loss patients and their family can enjoy while they are in town without breaking their easting process as patients are aware of what they can eat and avoid, enjoying their time in this wonderful paradise.

To start in the hotel Fiesta Inn, the hotel has a weight loss menu for the weight loss surgery patients, all you have to do it ask for it.

Inside the La Isla shopping center is a sugar free gelato store called La Garraf which features SUGAR FREE WATER BASED gelato.

Across the street from the Plaza is the Vaca Argentina which features Jugo de Carne, a steak broth perfect for the patient before or after surgery

Next door to the Vaca Argentina, is Campomar and they have a Shrimp broth that is to die for also.  (You need to order it without the shrimp and toppings, just the broth).  But it is very good.

Puerto Vallarta has many other options, but these are all within walking distance of the Fiesta Inn hotel where many weight loss surgery patients stay for their bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta.

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