Should I consider weight loss surgery? By Gerald Witt on September 14, 2022

weight loss surgery in MexicoMany people have been struggling with obesity for almost their entire life, and most dream about having a rapid body change, having an opportunity that would let them live a healthy life away from their bad eating habits and low self-esteem. As such, many wonder if Weight Loss Surgery would be an option to consider to help them make the life changing decision to lose weight.

It is very true that Weight Loss Surgery has a great impact on an obese person’s life in many aspects. That said, people should examine their life style habits and be willing to make changes so that they can succeed.  Surgery is not just the answer, you need to actually make habit and lifestyle changes to succeed.   If the person who is thinking about weight loss surgery is not willing or able to make these changes, then they really should not consider these kinds of surgeries.  Unfortunately, many people do gain their weight back if they do not change their bad habits and lifestyles after surgery.

Committing to a post weight loss surgery diet and making lifestyle changes requires many interpersonal adjustments for the individual, how the patient thinks about him or herself. Some patients gain much more confidence as they successfully change their lifestyle and manage their weight. Mental health can be an important part of a postoperative healthy life.

Embracing a new lifestyle and breaking all those old habits are ultimately in the patient’s control, the surgeon performs the surgery and gives the patient the tool to succeed but ultimately the patient must do the actual work in losing the weight.  Weight Loss Team the Bariatric Surgical Center at the CMQ family of Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta wants the patients to understand that the ‘lifestyle change’ is actually the key to weight loss surgery success.  By having the patients follow these winning tips and strategies the patient will succeed.

If people are unhappy with their weight because it is causing health problems or keeping them from living their life fully, they should consider Weight Loss Surgery as an option if they are committed to their surgeon’s suggestions and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more.

Weight Loss Surgery is not for everyone. Weight loss surgery is generally offered to:

  • Those who are more than 100 pounds overweight
  • Those whose BMI is greater than 30 with other comorbidities
  • Those who have a weight-related health problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, etc.
  • Those who regained the weight back after losing it through diet and exercise
  • Those who are committed to a life style change for the long term including exercising on a regular basis
  • Those who are emotionally and mentally prepared to begin a gradual weight-loss journey


Should I consider Weight Loss Surgery? Weight Loss Surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is definitely a safe and great option and choice to make if you want to change your life and get healthy.

Obviously, the procedure itself must be considered as the beginning of patient’s weight loss process not the end, this way the patient realizes that they will still have plenty of work ahead of them after surgery. Weight Loss Surgery can get patients on the right path to good health when other efforts have failed. Weight loss surgery however is not a magical solution; the surgery requires that the patients complete behavioral changes and committed attitudes for success.

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