Is The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Right for Me? By Gerald Witt on November 22, 2022

is gastric sleeve surgery right for meFinding the right way to lose weight can be difficult, and in some cases due to health complications it can be close to impossible. Which begs the question, are methods like the gastric sleeve surgery something to try out? Will it help you lose weight or not, and are there any complications related to this type of procedure? Let’s find out!

What is the gastric sleeve surgery?

If you want to have your gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, it’s very important to understand what this procedure entails. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the gastric sleeve surgery involves removing roughly 75% of your stomach. When the gastric sleeve surgery is finished, it will leave you with a sleeve or a narrow tube-shaped stomach. That means you will be able to eat smaller meals and they will keep you full for a longer time span. Another thing to keep in mind is that the area of the stomach that created the hormone known as ghrelin is removed, since ghrelin is the hunger hormone, after surgery you will end up having less hunger.

With that in mind, the gastric sleeve Mexico surgery can end up helping you lose quite a decent amount of weight.  On average, you can lose up to 80% of the extra weight that you have. It also means that you will end up feeling full for a longer time span, and you will slowly start adapting to the idea of eating less.

When should you go to see a bariatric surgery center like Weight Loss Team and Dr Parra though? Ideally, you want to choose to have a gastric sleeve surgery if you have a BMI of 30 or higher. The surgery will help you lose quite a decent amount of weight while still allowing you to eat normal foods.   Other surgery options might be more aggressive for more additional weight loss, but with gastric sleeve you will still be able to eat food, just smaller portions and lose about 80% of your excess weight.

How does the gastric sleeve work?

As we mentioned earlier, the most common option is to remove a large part of the stomach. Typically the bariatric surgeon, like Dr. Parra in Puerto Vallarta will remove about 80% of the stomach, so a very significant amount. The narrow stomach ends up looking like a sleeve, hence the reason why it’s named the gastric sleeve surgery. However, the gastric sleeve will also lower the ghrelin levels, which means you will have a much lower appetite. You will still have enough food to sustain your body, but you will not eat more and thus lose weight by diet and exercise. As such the gastric sleeve surgery can help you stay in shape, while controlling the process.

Should you choose the gastric sleeve surgery as a way to lose weight?

Ideally, the gastric sleeve surgery is designed to help you solve any obesity related health issues as long as your bmi is 30 or more. If you have severe weight problems, this can be one of the better ways to do it. But this is not the only reason why people choose to have a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. In fact, many people choose to have gastric sleeve surgery to help prevent the development or treatment of any health issues and comorbidities. Regardless of the situation, if you qualify for the gastric sleeve surgery choosing to have surgery can be a great idea and it certainly helps make the diet process much better and easier to follow since you will feel fuller quicker and not have to deal with hunger. Having surgery however does have benefits and downsides and you need to ask your local doctor or your bariatric surgeon if it is the right choice or option for you.

Are there any benefits you get from the gastric sleeve surgery?

If you choose to have a gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, then you have to keep in mind this surgery can be rather beneficial depending on the situation. People with a BMI over 30 have a very hard time moving around, so with help from the gastric sleeve surgery you will be able to move more efficiently. It can also make it easier to exercise, while lowering the insulin levels naturally.  Gastric Sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta is a good option to combat obesity.

Plus, gastric sleeve surgery can help you calm down the stress hormones, which can be very useful especially in a situation like this. Not only that, but the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can be great if you want to decrease reliance on medications. People that suffer from obesity are also prone to arthritis, asthma, heart disease or diabetes. With help from this surgery, you get to eliminate a lot of those downsides, and in the end it will make your medical conditions easier to handle.

While there are many weight loss methods, the gastric sleeve surgery can be helpful if you end up dealing with severe health problems. With its help you can avoid cancer, breathing problems, heart disease and many other medical conditions. That’s why it is important to choose to have the surgery and take the opportunity to have the gastric sleeve surgery.

Are there any exams/tests you need to take beforehand?

Yes, before you are accepted for the gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, you will need to go through a few tests. The preop tests are done at the hospital prior to surgery and usually include a full blood panel, xrays, and an EKG. Also, you should not have this type of surgery if you are dealing with blood clotting disorders, conditions that increase the anesthesia risks, but also some types of heart diseases. Dr Jorge Arturo Parra and the medical team at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta will check these tests and ensure that you are in a rightful condition to have such type of surgery.  With one of Mexico’s leading Internal Medicine doctors on the team (finished in top 1% of all doctors in Mexico), you are going to receive the best care in Mexico!

Does the weight loss history matters?

The short answer is yes, because any lackluster attempts of weight loss show that the gastric sleeve surgery might actually be a very good option. Even if the procedure is definitely recommended for people that have a BMI of 40 or more, it can still be ok for those that have a BMI of 30-39, especially if the patient has other health related issues. It is important to keep in mind, you don’t need to have severe obesity to have this surgery. If you already tried to lose weight and it did not work for you, then it might be a good idea to check it out for yourself and see how the gastric sleeve works.

The gastric sleeve surgery is a long term commitment

A lot of people think that the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is a onetime thing and then you can eat as much as you want. That’s not the case at all. You will end up removing a large portion of your stomach, but it can still stretch out once again so it can hold more food if you do not take care of your sleeve. As such it’s important to commit to the idea of eating lower quantities and higher qualities of foods. That can be very difficult if it’s something new for you. which is why you need to prepare beforehand as you try to eat less and less foods. This will make it much easier to stop overeating and it will certainly bring its fair share of advantages.


Getting gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta is a great idea because it allows you to save a significant amount of money, while accessing a state of the art hospital with modern equipment and professional surgeons like Weight Loss Team and Dr. Parra. You always want to have great result and experiences, and you will certainly appreciate the quality and benefits provided to you by Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta. The doctor will assess your situation, and he will let you know if the gastric sleeve is suitable for you or not. This will help ensure you are ready for the gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, and you will find it much easier to achieve the results you expect from it!

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