What To Do Around the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Puerto Vallarta? By Gerald Witt on November 30, 2022

fiesta inn puerto vallartaMany people travel every year for weight loss surgery in Mexico, but many people make the wrong choice of surgeons or cities for surgery and end up in the border town of Tijuana where they receive substandard care in a very dangerous city that is known for its crime and drug trade.  One of the very best options for weight loss surgery in Mexico is choosing Puerto Vallarta for your weight loss surgery.  Why Puerto Vallarta?  Well, it is known as the friendliest city in Mexico and is also not anywhere near the dangers of the US Mexico border.  Puerto Vallarta offer as a city, one of the safest locations in Mexico to visit with your family, and features one of Mexico’s finest hospitals, the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital for your weight loss surgery.  That said many people want to know what they can do near the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The Fiesta Inn Hotel at the La Isla Shopping Centre in Puerto Vallarta has an exclusive agreement with Weight Loss Team here in Puerto Vallarta and is the official hotel for the Bariatric Practice that features more than 18 years of surgery experience.  The Fiesta Inn provides year-round special rates, a Weight Loss Team Menu (for the patients preop and postop diets), and top-quality care located in one of the safest parts of the city.  The hotel features a beautiful pool deck and is located a short 6-minute walk through the plaza to the beach.

That said many patients also want to know what more they can do around the hotel area.  To start there is a VIP Cinema featuring first run movies in English.  The theater is a short walk in the plaza and can be accessed via an escalator or elevator making this a great activity to get out and do something outside of the hotel.  In the La Isla Shopping Center, there are also many shops and even a pharmacy if you need something quick.  There is a pond to see fish and turtles, and even a market on the weekends so you can experience some of the local products.  Inside the La Isla shopping district is also the famous Le Garraf Ice Cream stand that features water-based sugar free ice cream that the patients love and seek out both before and after their surgeries.

As for nearby dining options, literally across the street from the H&M store and on the other side of the street from the mall, is the Vaca Argentina.  One of the patients most preferred destinations for meals because the companions can have a wonderful steak dinner, while the patient can enjoy the famous Jugo de Carne (Steak Broth Soup).  The meal is a fancy meal at a very moderate price making the experience a wonderful option to grab a tasty meal before and after surgery.  Another option is Campomar literally right next door to the Vaca Argentina Puerto Vallarta, and here at Campomar, the restaurant features Sea Food and is a very good option for companions of the patients having weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta.  Campomar features for the patients a shrimp broth, but you will need to ask for it without the shrimp, and for the companion everything from shrimp, to fish and so much more in an upscale setting that also makes for a great experience without breaking the bank.  If you leave the La Isla Shopping area and turn left and cross a small bridge you will also see the Peninsula Shopping Center, and inside their, is Porfirio’s, an upscale Mexican food restaurant that is a great experience for everyone.  Here they also feature a Jugo de Carne for the patient, while also providing a huge array of Mexican food options for the companions.  These are the dining options near the hotel, of course Puerto Vallarta is a culinary resort destination and there are many more restaurants located throughout the city.

As for activities and things to do near the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Weight Loss Team has a reliable and safe transportation company that has English speaking drivers, and you may ask them to provide you additional services, like a City Tour, or a trip to the magical small mountain town of San Sebastian, or even to see the old Predator Movie film set.  The jungle and rivers are beautiful as is Los Arcos and the driver will be more than happy to show you around.  You would just need to set up any extra transportation directly with them.

As you can see Puerto Vallarta is full of fun and safe activities and is a much better and safer option than going to the border for your weight loss surgery, especially when you realize the price is almost the same.  As such for just a little more money you end up in a safe and secure location with plenty of activities and things to do and one of Mexico’s leading bariatric surgical centers with over 18 years of weight loss surgery experience. 

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