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Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner and there will be tons of parties and kids knocking on your door asking for Trick or Treats, and buying some candy would be the most natural thing in the world, isn’t it? Well, after having a Weight Loss Surgery it won’t.

But wait, you shouldn’t be disappointed about that, because you can still enjoy Halloween as a kid again!

As you know if you’ve read our latest posts, you may already know that the main goal of having a Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico is to have long, fulfilling, and most of all healthy life. The essential key to this success will be how committed you are to yourself and your weight loss surgery, As such here around Halloween, we will take a look learning how to stay healthy and eat after your Weight Loss Surgery, as well as also learn how to snack in a healthy way.

So let us show you how to prepare some Healthy Halloween snacks that will not only help you satisfying your cravings, but also gives you the nutrients you need and not just wasting your snack on junk food.  It will also be a healthy option for kids in your household.

These snacks are substantial and full of nutrients, all of them are high in protein, so they will help you fill up your protein goal of the day. 

So, here there are some spooky and healthy Halloween treats!

Snake Dip

To start you can prepare this slithering snake dip with some black olives, placing them over hummus in the shape of snakes. For more detailing, just carve some string cheese to build the eyes and add a carrot slice for the tongue. You will definitely love it!

Photo: Pinterest


Tooth apples

These apples will be such a delight. Just slice some green apples, add little bit of peanut butter between them and add macadamia nuts as the teeth.

Photo: Smart Lifebites


Spider Eggs

As you know, eggs are a high in protein, so these spooky eggs will be such a delight. You just need to hard boil the eggs and carve some black olives, first cut the eggs lengthwise, and the black olives in half vertically, place the half olive on each egg and then slice the remaining halves into four sections to create the legs. And you’re done! Spooky eggs for everyone! 

Photo: Pinterest


Monster Veggie Tray

You have to eat your veggies, so a fun way to do it is by making a monster veggie tray. You will need black olives, baby carrots, broccoli and edamame beans.  For the dip you can use hummus or a Lite salad dressing.


Photo: Pinterest


Banana Ghosts

After surgery people always want sweets and we bet you are no different. Well, you can turn bananas into delicious spooky ghosts.  It is very easy, just add you craisins, dried fruit or raisins to make the eyes and mouth. Try to dip them in almond butter and there you go! Enjoy!

Photo: Grandpa Shorter’s


Pumpkin Carrot Tray

This veggie tray is just basic and it’s pretty simple! You just need a package of baby carrots add some olives to shape the pumpkin with the eyes and mouth, you can also add broccoli, cucumber or a celery stick and you’re ready.  Add hummus again as a dip or a Lite salad dressing, make it better by adding unflavored protein powder to your dip!

Photo: Pinterest


Ghost Eggs

This is both easy and cute. You just need to hard boil a package of eggs and use a black food safe ink pen to draw faces on them. You will not want to eat them because they are so cute!.

Photo: blog.rightstart


If you are going to snack, you have got to make it count. As we mentioned before, it is important to pay attention to your body, think about whether you are having a psychological craving for food or actual physical hunger.

Try not to eat empty calories, stay away from the candy corn and bite sized candy bars, because they will only fill you up for the moment and instead of providing nourishment, it will create an obstacle to losing weight. Think about nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and lean meats over junk food.

So, it’s time to enjoy Halloween in a spooky but healthy way!

If you have any further doubts about other healthy snacks you can enjoy after your weight loss surgery, feel free to contact us. Our staff of nutritional experts in Weight Loss Team will be more than happy to clear up all of your doubts and answers.

We invite you to visit our website where you will find more information about Weight Loss Team and how you can reach your goal weight:

Photo: blog.rightstart


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