How does The Doctor check for leaks?

First, the doctors treat the gastric sleeve with the exact same tests required for Gastric Bypass patients. The first tests is a blue dye test. Secondly there is a Flouro Xray that includes a swallow (this allows him to see your stomach and fluids flowing through it). Don’t be fooled by inexperienced doctors, these are usually lapband doctors who are trying to start out with a new surgery. Leaks are important and the blue dye test is critical.

Does the doctor hand stitch the sleeve after using the staples?

Any and every Gastric Sleeve surgeon at Weight Loss Team hand stitches behind the triple line of surgical titanium staples. There is only one staple gun that is used for the Gastric Bypass and Sleeve surgery and this is made by Johnson and Johnson. This device is used by all the bariatric surgeons at Weight Loss Team, who then hand stitch the sleeve behind the staples to help prevent leaks. ALL DOCTORS SHOULD STITCH BEHIND THE STAPLES. All materials come directly from the manufacturer and are name brand medical supplies. No black market equipment is every used in Puerto Vallarta.  Caution some doctors in Tijuana are known to use black market or made in China medical supplies lowering their costs and placing the patient at risk.

Why do other doctors require a shorter stay?

The main reason is money. They want to make more money while risking your life. Each doctor has implemented the ideal number of nights for recovery from the surgery prior to sending you home so that there is very little risk of having a complication once you get home. This in turn will reduce any future costs you may have to spend to return. Other doctors for example in Tijuana go with a shorter stay so they can either charge a lower price, or provide inferior care and get you out of the country so you are no longer their problem.  In Tijuana they are know to push you in and out of the country to reduce their costs.

When was the first Gastric Sleeve performed?

The initial Gastric Sleeve surgery was done in Europe in 2006.


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