Frequently Asked Questions about Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

What are the preop diet and balloon exercises, and do I need to do them?

Each diet is designed by a team of bariatric nutritionists and The Bariatric Surgical Team at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and it is important to follow the preop diet so that you reduce your chances of having complications during the surgery. A sample preop diet may consist of: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner should be low-calorie protein shakes or Non-fat yogurt. We recommend the VivRi shake program for weight loss to prepare for your surgery and also for after surgery for your postop diet and weight loss phase after surgery.  The VivRi shakes have 45 essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and so much more.  You will drink two shakes a day, one Power Me for all natural energy (includes a complete Vitamin B complex) and a Cleanse Me to keep you regular.  For your main meal you will eat unlimited lean protein, green veggies and salad.  If  you are still hungry then for the rest of the day you can consume clear liquids and sugar free Jell-O. Other clear liquids are beef and chicken broth, water and sugar free options that are not carbonated beverages.  To order your VivRi shake program and receive future discounts you may follow this link:

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Gerald begins preparing for bariatric surgery two weeks before the procedure. Consisting of clear liquids, lean protein, and vegetables, the pre-bariatric surgery diet not only clears the digestive system, but also helps prepare patients for their diet after surgery. 

Should I stop my medications before surgery?

Some anti-inflammatory medications make bleeding more of a problem and if they can be discontinued without too much discomfort a week or two preoperatively it is desirable.

Should my bowel be cleaned out before surgery?

Some surgeons believe that a ‘bowel prep’ decreases constipation after surgery and makes managing a colon injury safer. In our experience colon injury is extremely rare and constipation is not a post-surgical problem. Therefore the doctors do not recommend cleaning out the bowel prior to surgery.

Can I have a hysterectomy at the same time?

We do routine pelvic ultrasounds in patients who have not previously had a total hysterectomy. When the findings indicate the need a gynecologic surgeon may scrub in and do the appropriate surgery at the same time as the bypass.

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