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Revision Weight Loss Surgery

If your initial weight loss surgery falls short of your expectations, it can be heartbreaking. However, there is hope.

The skilled doctors at Weight Loss Team can perform revision weight loss surgery personalized to your needs to help you achieve your goals.

Should you consider bariatric revision surgery? 

stomach with lap band

Revisional  Surgery Can...

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Enhance Your Results

While most patients who undergo bariatric surgery achieve dramatic weight loss, some patients only lose minor amounts of weight. At our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, practice, we can identify the reason for this surgical failure and recommend options for revising your results.

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Prevent Weight Regain

There are many different factors that can lead to weight regain after bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery revision may be able to stop further weight gain and put your weight loss back on track.

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Restore Your Health

In some cases, a previous surgery performed with a now-outdated technique can cause health complications. Our team can perform revision surgery to correct these complications and improve your overall health.

Bariatric Revision Surgery

After a lap-band procedure failed to help him reach his weight loss goal, Gerald has decided to pursue bariatric revision surgery with the bariatric specialists at Weight Loss Team. As a long-time member of the staff at the Weight Loss Team, Gerald has seen firsthand the personalized, supportive care the doctors offer. He is committed to changing his lifestyle for his family. 

A Secondary Bariatric Surgery  Can Prompt Major Weight Loss

The procedure

A stomach undergoing bariatric revision surgery.Bariatric revision surgery is the ideal treatment for patients who may or may not have experienced outstanding results following their weight loss surgery. Bariatric revision surgery refers to a weight loss treatment that follows a previous weight loss surgery that did not lead to the desired level of success. This surgery option can be performed when the patient stops losing weight or starts regaining weight, if the stomach expands, or if the prior surgery fails.

The incisions


Incisions required for bariatric revision surgery.No matter what bariatric procedure you tried the first time, or what surgeon you worked with, we are happy to talk with you and help you understand your options for your bariatric surgery revision.

There are various types of revisions that can be done:

  • Lapband to Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Lapband to Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY)
  • Lapband to Duodenal Switch Surgery
  • Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY)
  • Gastric Sleeve to Duodenal Switch Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery


Achieve Your Goals with Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Our practice takes a team approach that benefits our patients:

  • VIP treatment 
  • Genuine concern for your well-being
  • Personalized care
  • Attentive, on-going support 

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (800) 404-9064.

The Weight Loss Team Staff

The Weight Loss Team

The Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta is dedicated to the continued weight loss success of every patient. Through our state-of-the-art technology, advanced techniques, and easy access to online support, patients can expect successful weight loss surgery that creates lasting results. Patients travel from around the world to our practice to experience:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Multiple Surgical Options
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Methods
  • Affordable Care
  • Life-Changing Results

If you're ready to lose weight and sustain a healthy, happy lifestyle, contact our Puerto Vallarta practice by filling out our online form or calling 800-404-9064.

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