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Gastric Balloon: A Short-Term Solution
for Rapid Weight Loss

*This surgery is not recommended for all patients.

The procedure

A gastric balloon after being inflated in the stomach.The Intra-Gastric balloon in Mexico is a procedure where a deflated balloon is inserted through the patient’s mouth and down esophagus to the stomach. Once in the stomach the balloon is expanded, causing the patient to feel fuller sooner while eating, eat less and therefore may lose weight. With this procedure the patient may lose about 30% of their excess weight in a short period of time, and may have health improvement for diabetes, joint/bone disease, and heart-related issues. However, this procedure does not provide very effective weight loss for a long term basis, because the balloon has to be removed after 6 months, causing the patient to possibly have a weight regain if the patient does not change their diet and lifestyle after the balloon removal.

The difference between the Intra-Gastric Balloon procedure and other weight loss surgeries is that with the Gastric Balloon the doctor doesn’t remove any part of the stomach, and there’s no incisions in the body, promoting a faster recovery. Although this procedure looks like the ideal procedure for weight loss, Weight Loss Team actually recommends you consider the Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico or the Gastric Bypass surgery in Mexico for better long term results. If you have any questions, The bariatric specialists at Weight Loss Team can provide you with all the answers you may need about this weight loss procedure.

The patient needs just 3 days of inactivity for full recovery.





The Intra-Gastric Balloon procedure in Mexico takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The patient may lose up to 30% of their excess weight in 6 months.

*Notice the results may vary for each patient depending on many factors related to race, age, health, gender and whether or not the patient follows the doctor’s post-operative instructions.

  • The patient may feel full sooner while eating and therefore eat less.
  • The patient may lose about 30% of their excess weight in 6 months.
  • With this procedure the patient could possible achieve some health benefits including: improve diabetes, joint/bone disease, and heart-related issues.
  • For this procedure the patient must have a 26 to 40 body mass index.
  • Patient leaves the hospital on the same day as the procedure.


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