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Gastric Bypass Revision

While bariatric surgery can dramatically improve your health and quality of life, success is not always a guarantee

We offer gastric bypass revision in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, if you have had disappointing results with previous bariatric surgeries.

So why should you consider undergoing a gastric bypass revision surgery?

Get a Second Chance at  Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

A Versatile Option

At Weight Loss Team, we recommend gastric bypass surgery for patients who underwent other bariatric procedures as their initial treatment, including LAP-Band® and gastric sleeve surgery.

More Dramatic Results

A gastric bypass is significantly more intensive than other bariatric procedures. However, it can provide much more dramatic results for patients who have not met their weight loss goals.

High Success Rates

Revision surgery has a high rate of success. This solution has been found to be a successful tool for helping patients achieve results that were not achieved with initial bariatric surgery.

So what happens during a gastric bypass surgery at our Puerto Vallarta practice?

Refining Bariatric Results for Effective, Long-Lasting Weight Loss

Errors during the initial surgery, poor dietary habits, and other complications can reverse the effects of your procedure. Together with his team of surgeons and anesthesiologists, Dr. Hidalgo can revise and refine your treatment so that you can achieve your weight loss goals with a shorter recovery time.

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If the results of your first bariatric surgery were unsuccessful for any reason, our Puerto Vallarta practice can provide a solution to help you meet your goals.

Reasons for Revising Bariatric Results

While highly effective, weight loss surgery of any kind requires rigorous compliance for longterm success. You may need a revision surgery if: 

  • Your initial bariatric surgery was successful, but you have stopped losing weight 
  • You have regained weight lost after your bariatric procedure
  • You did not lose weight after bariatric surgery
  • Your stomach pouch has enlarged due to poor diet following surgery
  • Your first bariatric surgery was done incorrectly and requires adjustment

Incorrectly performed bariatric surgery in particular can lead to serious symptoms, including dumping syndrome, intolerance to solid foods, and severe constipation. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after surgery, you should seek professional help immediately. 

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Revision

While some patients may be hesitant to pursue a second surgery, a study by the NCBI further that the majority of patients who underwent revisions were able to successfully lower their body mass index and lose excess weight within 12 months of surgery. 

Why Choose Us 

Because success requires such strict patient compliance, it is common for bariatric patients to inadvertently undermine their results by returning to old habits after surgery. To minimize this risk, our team of professionals serves as a resource for you not only during treatment, but also in the years to come. Our doctors work with a team of bariatric nutritionists to create disciplined diet plans for you. Several past patients visit our doctors regularly to track their progress and receive guidance on maintaining their results. 

Our team is with you from the moment you get off the airplane and we are readily available to answer any questions or concerns upon your return home.

The Weight Loss Surgery Center can provide the care and compassion you need to ensure a successful treatment. Our team is with you from the moment you get off the airplane and we are readily available to answer any questions or concerns upon your return home. Using advanced anesthesia techniques, we can reduce recovery time so that you are ready to go home with life-changing results within a week. 

Achieve Your Goals with Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Our practice takes a team approach that benefits our patients:

  • VIP treatment 
  • Genuine concern for your well-being
  • Personalized care
  • Attentive, on-going support 

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (800) 404-9064.

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