Why Gastric Sleeve Is Better Than LAP-BAND® Surgery By Gerald Witt on August 29, 2018

A woman on a couchThe obesity epidemic has caused countless people to turn to bariatric surgery here at the Weight Loss Team. The safe, rapid weight loss achieved through bariatrics can add years to a person’s life. Over time, gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) has become the most popular weight loss procedure. Its advantages are numerous, even over the minimally invasive LAP-BAND® technique.

Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo and the team at our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico weight loss surgery center would like to consider why the gastric sleeve is better than gastric banding. Let’s note some potential problems with LAP-BAND® first and then note the advantages of the gastric sleeve.

The Gastric Band Can Slip Out of Place

While LAP-BAND® surgery is attractive to many patients because it is less invasive than other kinds of weight loss procedures, the nature of the surgery can lead to a number of problems. The slippage of the LAP-BAND® is one of the biggest issues. When the LAP-BAND® slips out of place, it can affect the size of the patient’s stomach pouch. In essence, a person may have their caloric intake altered simply because of the position of the LAP-BAND®.

When a LAP-BAND® slips out of place, it needs to be corrected by a bariatric surgeon. Multiple slips of the LAP-BAND® can require many unwanted trips to your surgical weight loss center.

Multiple Adjustments for LAP-BAND® Surgery

Even if the LAP-BAND® stays in place, it may need to be adjusted periodically in order to ensure optimal weight loss. If a LAP-BAND® patient is not losing weight quick enough, the surgeon will need to adjust it. If the LAP-BAND® patient is suffering from nutritional deficiencies, the weight loss surgeon may need to adjust the band as well.

Periodic adjustments may be helpful for your weight loss and health goals, but they can be a hassle. These regular visits for band adjustments and additional visits to correct the band if it slips can take up a lot of your time.

Risks Linked to the Band Itself

Just because LAP-BAND® is minimally invasive and reversible doesn’t mean the procedure is free from complications. The gastric band could do damage to your stomach if you aren’t careful. Irritation caused by the silicone band can result in infection as well as damage to the stomach itself, possibly even perforation of the stomach.

There is also the risk of food getting stuck in the upper portion of the stomach above the band. This food can remain in that upper pouch without being digested, causing bad breath as well as vomiting until the food is dislodged through a band adjustment.

Gastric Sleeve Is Low Maintenance

Compared to LAP-BAND®, gastric sleeve surgery involves far less maintenance. The stomach size is permanently revised, meaning no need for adjustment visits or periodic corrections to achieve optimal results. Gastric sleeve is simple in design and easy in terms of aftercare and maintenance.

Gastric Sleeve Can Achieve Greater Weight Loss

While many LAP-BAND® patients achieve good weight loss results, the weight loss results of gastric sleeve surgery are comparatively better on average. With LAP-BAND® surgery, patients can lose up to 60 percent of their excess weight; with gastric sleeve, patients can lose up to 80 percent of their excess weight.

The additional 20 percent of weight loss can make a major difference in terms of your appearance and your general wellness.

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