Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Safe in Mexico?

Many people often ask if gastric sleeve surgery is safe in Mexico, and the answer is a resounding yes! 

Over more time than the last decade,…

Gerald Witt Oct 12, 2021

Can the Gastric Sleeve Surgery save your life?

Obesity is a lifelong disease and this means that there is no surgery, diet, or medication that can by itself offer the patient a permanent…

Gerald Witt Sep 27, 2021

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Procedure, Recovery and Risks

Gastric Bypass Surgery uses restrictive and malabsorptive techniques to obtain a successful weight loss result. This means that the procedure controls the amount of food…

Gerald Witt Sep 21, 2021

How does The Gastric Sleeve Surgery work?

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or the vertical sleeve gastrectomy,  is a bariatric surgery where the surgeon makes several very…

Gerald Witt Sep 11, 2021

Can I get rid of diabetes with Weight Loss Surgery?

Most Weight Loss Surgeries are considered very safe and effective procedures that usually will help tackle severe obesity and maintain long-term weight loss results. In…

Gerald Witt Aug 30, 2021

Which is Better? Mini Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery and The Gastric Sleeve Surgery are great options for obese people to lose weight and change their life in so…

Gerald Witt Aug 24, 2021

How to prevent weight gain years after Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo, Bariatric Surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta suggests that “Long term success involves a lifestyle change with a strict…

Gerald Witt Aug 17, 2021

How to eat healthy as a family after Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo, a bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team, the bariatric surgical center at the CMQ Riviera Nayarit Hospital says that “One of…

Gerald Witt Aug 07, 2021

Why Not To Use Net Carbs After Weight Loss Surgery

Many people want to know what to eat after weight loss surgery and most patients start counting their carbohydrates, protein, and sugars while trying to…

Gerald Witt Jul 24, 2021

Can you drink alcohol after Weight Loss Surgery?

Alcohol should not be consumed after weight loss surgery as it can be harmful in many different ways and should not be consumed until the…

Gerald Witt Jul 20, 2021

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