Weight Loss Team

Weight Loss Team

Can you drink alcohol after Weight Loss Surgery?

Alcohol should not be consumed after weight loss surgery as it can be harmful in many different ways and should not be consumed until the…

Gerald Witt Jul 20, 2021

What exercise can be done after weight loss surgery?

A patient, who has already had Weight Loss Surgery, must be committed to adopting a physically active lifestyle along with a healthy diet which will…

Gerald Witt Jul 12, 2021

Summer Meal Ideas For Gastric Sleeve Patients

A few months after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery, patients start to feel tired of eating the same meals over and over and sometimes find themselves…

Gerald Witt Jun 26, 2021

Why protein is important after Weight Loss Surgery?

It is essential that Weight Loss Surgery patients understand how important it is to ensure they are eating enough protein after their weight loss surgery.…

Gerald Witt Jun 18, 2021

Mini Gastric Bypass Benefits

Patients with a BMI of 40 or more are considered candidates for Mini Bypass Surgery in Mexico. However, it is always recommended that a patient…

Gerald Witt Jun 12, 2021

Can I have a Gastric Sleeve with a BMI of 30?

The answer is yes, the gastric sleeve surgery can be done in Mexico if the patient has a BMI of 30 or more.  Gastric Sleeve…

Gerald Witt Jun 05, 2021

Fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta after your Weight Loss Surgery

Puerto Vallarta has for a long time been one of the leading Medical Tourism destinations for Weight Loss Surgery and other medical procedures in Mexico.…

Gerald Witt May 20, 2021

Medical Tourism Options in Puerto Vallarta

The impact of Medical Tourism in Mexico has been increasing over the last few years and Puerto Vallarta is a prime destination for weight loss…

Gerald Witt May 14, 2021

How Weight Loss Surgery changes your life

Can weight loss surgery actually change your life?  The answer is yes it can!  It is very common for is obese or overweight people to…

Gerald Witt May 09, 2021

How to lose weight after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery has a great impact on an obese person’s life in many aspects. That is why it is very important that patients examine…

Gerald Witt Apr 25, 2021

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