Discomfort after Gastric Sleeve - How to Minimize this Side Effect By Juan Hidalgo on February 01, 2019

Overweight female gazing into mirror Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, commonly referred to as gastric sleeve, is a safe procedure that can lead to significant weight loss when patients follow their dietary guidelines.

While discomfort is to be expected after the procedure, discomfort can be minimized if certain behavioral and dietary guidelines are carefully followed. Dr. Juan Hidalgo and our team of doctors in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to cut back on discomfort after gastric sleeve.

How Gastric Sleeve Works

During the one-hour procedure, between 70 and 80 percent of the stomach is removed. The remaining portion of the stomach is shaped like a sleeve, allowing the stomach to retain normal function on a smaller scale.

The results of the weight loss procedure mean that you feel fuller for longer periods of time, thereby cutting down on excessive eating and allowing your body to reach a healthy weight.

The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Short procedure time: Our team of doctors can perform this procedure in under one hour.
  • Quick results: Our patients can expect to be halfway to their weight loss goals within the first six months of their gastric sleeve procedure.
  • Less hunger: Because your stomach is reduced in size, and due to the removal of the gland that produces ghrelin, you will feel fuller sooner and experience less hunger between meals.
  • Revisable procedure: If needed, a surgical revision can be completed to adjust the gastric sleeve.

How to Cut Back on Discomfort after Your Procedure

Dr. Hidalgo or a member of our team will provide you with guidelines on how to avoid discomfort in the weeks and months following your procedure. These simple tips can help you anticipate what to expect.

Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is a common condition that can develop after gastric bypass surgery, though some patients report these types of symptoms after gastric sleeve as well.

The irritation occurs when food, especially sugar, travels from your stomach into your intestines too quickly. Symptoms of this condition include abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

Eating slowly and chewing food to a pureed consistency is one easy way to avoid the discomfort of dumping syndrome. Avoiding sugary foods can also help.

Slow Down

Slowing down means resting during the first days and weeks after surgery, but it also means committing to approaching eating differently. To avoid stomach irritations, develop a long-term habit of carefully chewing food to a puree consistency. Eating slowly also helps you to be more mindful of what you are putting into your body while increasing your enjoyment of healthy meals.

Cut Back

Undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure does not free you to return to unhealthy habits. One important component of fully enjoying the benefits of weight loss while avoiding gastric sleeve discomforts is to commit to cutting use of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and overly fatty foods.

A plant-based diet can lower cholesterol and lead to better overall health.

Learn More about this Safe and Effective Weight Loss Procedure

While minor discomfort following a gastric sleeve procedure is expected, following simple nutritional and dietary steps can help you cut down on unnecessary discomfort. Dr. Hidalgo uses a state-of-the-art, American-style hospital. VIP transportation is available, and you can expect the same high standards of medical care that are found in the United States.

If you are ready to experience drastic weight loss results, contact our office online or call (818) 949-6911.

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