How to avoid stretching out the pouch after Weight Loss Surgery By Gerald Witt on January 12, 2022

As the time goes by after having your weight loss surgery in Mexico, it is very common that patients feel afraid of stretching out their pouch or stomach after years after their surgery.  Each bariatric patient makes a great effort by undertaking the bariatric procedure, being committed to their new healthy lifestyle, changing their old eating habits, and following their strict post-up diets, etc. and as such they do not want to stretch out their pouch.

Can you stretch out your pouch or stomach after weight loss surgery?  The short answer is Yes, you can.  A patient can stretch out their new pouch or stomach after reaching their weight loss goals and it is easier than they may think if they do not respect their new lifestyle commitment and fall back into old bad habits.  If a patient reverts to eating poorly, and in excess, they are almost guaranteed to stretch out their stomach. When this happens not only is the capacity of the stomach increased, but also their stomach’s hunger signals get skewed and they have tricked their stomach into believing that it needs more food before its time to send out the full stomach feeling signal. This means that the patient will not feel full until they have eaten more food than they should have typically causing the patient to overeat and slowly gain weight back. At that point, weight loss surgery patients ruins their stomachs ability to tell them when they feel real hungry and also when they should stop eating.

As such it is important to realize that weight loss surgery patients must focus on learning why their stomach stretches and knowing all the ways to prevent stretching their new stomach instead of being afraid and doing the wrong things. Some of the important things to know would be the following:

  • It is important to use small plates, which help lead to smaller portions of food.
  • Do not overeat. Take small bites when you eat so your stomach will properly digest the food.
  • Do not drink any liquids 30 minutes prior and after eating. Avoid fluids during meals.
  • Chew your food slowly and for longer.
  • Order half portions at restaurants.
  • Eat a healthy snack in between meals if you are struggling with hunger.
  • Reward yourself with a treat instead a large meal but limit your treats to once or twice a week
  • Always consider your meal portion size. Moderation is the key of success
  • Consult a dietitian and support group
  • Enjoy food, do not suffer. Eating should be a time to enjoy. Have a great relationship with food!

Patients should understand that their stomach is very important to their success and they must take care of it. The stomach will adjust to the surgery changes and will survive according to the way patients treat it. It will stretch to accommodate the amount of food that is taken in or shrink if you stop eating large portions, so portion control is important. If patients stretched their stomach, they should get back on track by taking into consideration all the suggestions listed above and their stomach will adjust its sensors and size, and they will be able to start to get back to normal.

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