How to stop gaining weight after weight loss surgery in Mexico By Gerald Witt on January 25, 2022

stop gaining weight after weight loss surgery in MexicoIt is very common that after having weight loss surgery in Mexico and the patient having reached their goal weight or completed their long-term weight loss process, they feel a tremendous sense of pride, satisfaction and they may begin to feel confident in their new body and sometimes forget about diets, eating plans or working out that helped them reach their goal weight. As such, sometimes, weight loss surgery patients start eating the wrong foods usually those loaded with carbs and sugars and then fall off the wagon with regards to their diet and begin gaining weight.

‘Falling off the wagon’ refers to a strict set of rules patients follow before and after their weight loss surgery that gives them more control of their health and body. Obviously, when these rules are followed by patients, they are on the wagon but when the rules are broken, they will be off the wagon. This situation usually results in guilt and weight gain.

The main reason for this situation is the mental health of the patient. The patient must change their way of thinking before and after the bariatric procedure to have long term success. They have to understand that they will not be on diet for life, but once they reach goal weight they must live a healthy life and make smart eating decisions. Their lives will have changed in many aspects and post weight loss surgery the patient will need to focus on their new lifestyle as a whole including physical, mental and their emotional selves.

Patients must realize that it is normal and typical to fall off the wagon after weight loss surgery; the key is getting back on the wagon.  Generally, people who were committed to the whole weight loss journey and have developed good relapse skills during the process are much more likely to get back on track and stop gaining weight.  This means recognize what you are doing wrong, stop, and get back with a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo the bariatric surgeon at Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta says that “People who are too strict with themselves, generally feel bad when eating the wrong foods they should not have eaten and get depressed and continuing down the wrong path”. This does not mean however that they are bad a weight loss, but rather they need to realize they had a bad day and to get back on track.  That is the key, always get back on track, it is never too late.

It is very important that the patient figure out what triggered them to change their eating habits or what made them stop going to the gym… Knowing the answers to what triggered this will help the patient avoid the problem in the future and allow the patient to motivate them again and start eating healthy and losing weight.

Patients must always remember what their main objective was before the surgery, how long they have been fighting to reach their goals and all the effort they have put into the weight loss process. By doing this they will reinforce their past good behaviors, make right choices and renew their meal plan not dieting but living a healthy life with small rewards to keep them motivated.

Patients must embrace their actions and reactions and understand that some weight gain post reaching weight loss goal is normal.  They must correct this issue before it gets out of control, and remember that most of the time it is a mental issue that needs to get under control.  Success starts with the patient so if you do experience weight gain after having your weight loss surgery in Mexico, realize that you can fix this by making healthy choices and correcting the errors in your ways.

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