Weight Loss Surgery Can Reduce the Risk for Cancer By Gerald Witt on May 15, 2023

weight loss surgery reduces the risk of cancerThere are many people in the world that suffer from cancer.  Cancer is a worldwide killer that affects a large range of people with multiple types of cancer.   Some of the most common types of cancer today are Colon Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and even Ovarian Cancer.  Many of the cancer patients also suffer from obesity and even morbid obesity.  A new study has just been released from the University Hospitals in Cleveland Ohio showing that weight loss surgery can help reduce risk of cancer by up to half.

Obesity is a worldwide problem and about 49% of the US population is considered obese.  In Canada that number is 27% and also in Canada since 1985 severe obesity has increased about 455% and now affects almost 2 million Canadians.

Weight Loss Surgery has long been a successful tool to assist the obese, and morbid obese patients lose the weight they need to so that they can get back on track with a normal, natural and healthy life.  Weight Loss Surgery has been known to help patients get rid of Diabetes, heart disease, lower their blood pressure, and even assist with sleep apnea problems.  As the patient gets thinner most of their comorbidities improve as well.  Obesity is clearly one of the most important diseases affecting the world and weight loss surgery as a tool helps in the fight against obesity. 

Now it turns out that weight loss surgery also is a key factor in the fight against cancer.  In a 10 year study at the University Hospitals in Cleveland Ohio the doctors have found that weight loss surgery reduces the risk of patients getting cancer by almost half.  The study at hand evaluates 55,789 patients who underwent weight loss surgery and another group of equal number that did not.  This second group was the control group and randomly selected throughout the United States solely by looking at patients billing codes to ensure they did not have weight loss surgery.  The weight loss surgery patients all undertook a form of weight loss surgery be it lapband surgery, gastric sleeve surgery or even Gastric Bypass surgery at one of 47 US health care institutes that took part in the study.

So what exactly did the study find? 

Well in fact only about 4% of the weight loss surgery group patients developed some form of cancer over the time of the study, while the control group had a cancer formation rate of almost 9%. 

Weight loss surgery it seems based on the study really helped patients avoid the development of breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer and liver cancer and had a minimal effect on rectal, renal and endometrial cancers.  According to Dr. Carlos Ochoa the internal medicine doctor at Weight Loss Team a bariatric surgical center in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and also the Medical Director of the CMQ Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Weight Loss Surgery directly effects the inflammation in the patient’s body and this helps keep the cancer at bay.  Weight loss surgery also elevates the patients insulin levels and helps control the patients hormone levels.

Obesity has already been linked to many types of cancers already so by having weight loss surgery and moving out of the obesity range you are in fact helping yourself reduce the risks of getting cancer.

Overall weight loss surgery is already a great tool for weight loss success, but now that a major study shows that weight loss surgery can reduce the risks of getting cancer by about 50% then it is a no brainer to consider weight loss surgery if you have a bmi of 30 or more.  Weight Loss Team in Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s leading Bariatric Surgical Centers that specializes in Medical Tourism patients and weight loss surgery in Mexico offers weight loss surgery starting at $4260usd. 

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