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9 surprising facts about Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

If you’re planning or thinking about undergoing a weight loss surgery in Mexico and haven’t yet decided, here are 9 surprising facts that may help you understand why having a weight loss surgery in Mexico is an excellent decision.

1. Many people are doing it

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best positioned medical tourism destinations nationwide. There are over 1.5 million patients that travel to Mexico each year to have surgery abroad, and a large portion of those patients come to the beautiful beach resort of Puerto Vallarta. This number has been increasing for the last ten years, which means that Puerto Vallarta is not just one of the main cities for patients having weight loss surgery in Mexico, but that in fact actually many patients decide to have their bariatric procedure or weight loss surgery as a primary option to fight being overweight and change their lives for good.

2. Puerto Vallarta is probably a better option than Tijuana

You’ve probably heard about the border town of Tijuana when considering weight loss surgery in Mexico. Many patients may think that due to its proximity to the US, Tijuana is a good option for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Truth be told, there are better options for weight loss surgery in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta is that option. In Tijuana there are a lot of problems, from crime, violence, to even bait and switch tactics amongst the doctors.  Some patients arrive thinking they are having surgery with one doctor and another ends up performing the surgery.  Also in Tijuana due to the nature of the business in the city, substandard medical supplies may be used, and the facilities may not be sterile for this type of surgery. Many corners are typically cut when the “mill” doctors are performing multiple surgeries and running patients through the office like cattle. You must be very careful and be sure of who you entrust your life to before making a decision on where to have weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Having surgery in Tijuana can also become very complicated, you might think, how long can it take me to cross the border? The answer is a long time! Contrary to popular belief, crossing the Mexican border into the United States can be exhausting, especially if you have just had surgery. Think that just to cross the border, it may take more than two hours waiting in your car or van, sitting, suffering because of the hot weather, your wounds and the whole recovery process. Regardless of that, just to get to the border line, you still need to navigate through the traffic of this busy city, which means even a longer wait just to get to the 2-hour or so wait, just to cross the border, not to mention having to get to the airport 2 hours before you flight home in San Diego.

If you decide to have your weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta, the journey is so much easier and much more comfortable. The Puerto Vallarta International Airport has direct flights from the main cities around Canada and the United States, as well as from Europe.  Most flight can reach Puerto Vallarta in around 3 hours or less from the US city of departure.  The flight times to Puerto Vallarta are typically shorter than flying to San Diego to have surgery in Tijuana, and with Puerto Vallarta you land in the city you are having surgery, clear the customs and border in no time at all, and don’t have to deal with the traffic or problems of crossing the border by car or van.  By having surgery with Dr. Hidalgo and his bariatric practice, Weight Loss Team you will have the convenience of reaching your hotel from the airport, and the hotel to the hospital all within just a short 10 minutes drive, and of course, the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful beach towns in Mexico.

Want to know something even better?

The costs of getting a weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta is the same price if not less than in Tijuana, the difference is that in Dr. Hidalgo and his bariatric practice Weight Loss Team, offers you a state of the art modern hospital, one of the best, certified and trusted bariatric surgeons in Mexico and a quiet recovery in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.

3. You could lose a lot of weight

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico is one of the best options to reduce your weight and deal with obesity. Keep in mind that by having a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico, you could lose around 80% of your excess weight in about a year or less. On the other hand, with the Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico, you should lose up to 90% of your excess weight in about a year or less. Not to mention the improvements in your health, especially with diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Osteoporosis, blood pressure, among many others.

4. Mexico is a very safe option if you choose smart

Making the decision to have Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico can be a very difficult one, but if you use your head and be smart about your choices, options and decisions, then it can be a life-changing and possibly the best decision you will ever make.

Some facts you will want to keep in mind of course, is your safety. The city of Tijuana has a very high rate of crime and corruption. That is the same for almost all of the cities found along the Mexico US border. Crime is drawn to the border as that is where advantages can be found and taken on the unfortunate victims. Unfortunately, there have been past incidents where patients that travel to Tijuana just to get Weight Loss Surgery, have been victims of crime and theft, patient recovery houses have been robbed and money has been taken from some patients in Tijuana. Puerto Vallarta on the other hand, is a tourist destination far enough from the border to not draw the criminal attention. Puerto Vallarta as a city focuses on tourism, and even Disney brings its cruise ships here each year making the city a family friendly environment. Puerto Vallarta is very safe; be sure that by coming here, you will feel like you are on vacation and wont have to worry about being robbed or taken advantage of.

Another important fact to note is the medical follow up. Most of the doctors who perform Weight Loss Surgery do not provide their patients the medical follow up they deserve.

Most patients who have surgery in Tijuana typically do not have any further communication with the doctor who performed the surgery once they leave Tijuana.  At Weight Loss Team, bariatric surgery center in Puerto Vallarta, Dr. Hidalgo gives his patient’s medical follow-up for more than 2 years after surgery, via online support groups, constant contact with the patients and medical support provided through a specialized medical program that the patient log into and have direct access to Dr. Hidalgo and his staff.

5. There are great doctors in Mexico

The city of Puerto Vallarta being one of the main medical tourism destinations has amongst its doctor’s one of the very best bariatric specialists in Mexico,  as well as specialist in dental and plastic surgery among others.  Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo, bariatric specialist and his bariatric practice, Weight Loss Team have more than 16 years of experience in the field of weight loss surgery in Mexico. Dr. Hidalgo is Puerto Vallarta’s leading bariatric surgeon, and has performed thousands of successful Weight Loss procedures over the years, offering not only the best medical treatment, but also the best medical attention, and care, making each patient feel as if they were part of a family. There is a huge difference between Dr. Hidalgo and the care you medical attention you will receive compared to that of other bariatric specialists in Mexico.

Besides, bariatric procedures, Weight Loss Team has associate specialists that perform other medical procedures such as Plastic Surgery, Dental Care, Orthopedic Surgery and more, each one of whom is a leader in their respective field.

6. The cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico is surprisingly affordable

As we mentioned before, at Weight Loss Team, Dr. Hidalgo offers some of the best prices for weight loss surgery in Mexico. The prices of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico, or the Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico is more affordable than you think.  Even the bariatric revision surgeries in Mexico along with all of the other surgeries performed by Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta cost the same or less than the same surgery found in the border towns or Tijuana. The difference that you the patient receive however in Puerto Vallarta with Dr. hidalgo is quality care and affordable surgery prices. Dr. Hidalgo performs all of his bariatric surgeries in Mexico out of the state of the art, modern CMQ Premiere Hospital, one of the newest and most modern hospitals in the country. He has established special rates with the hospital in an effort to help promote medical tourism with the city of Puerto Vallarta and together the CMQ Premiere Hospital and Dr. Hidalgo are able to provide you a safe, modern, sterile environment and an actual US style hospital to have your weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, all for the same price or less than a clinic in Tijuana.

When discussing the costs of weight loss surgery in Mexico, Dr. Hidalgo performs the Gastric Sleeve Surgery for only $4,200 USD.  He performs the Gastric Bypass Surgery for only $6200 USD. and Bariatric Revision Surgeries start out at $5000 USD.  We invite you to compare these medical fees, to the ones in Tijuana, and we assure you that when factoring in the safety of Puerto Vallarta, the sterile modern hospital and the care you will receive with Dr. Hidalgo, you will receive with Dr. Hidalgo, one of the most affordable prices and best value for your weight loss surgery in Mexico.  Weight Loss Team also offers financing options so that having surgery in Mexico should not be a burden for you or your family.

7. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico is the predominant surgery

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico is one of the most performed weight loss surgeries in Mexico.  More people each year are coming to Mexico and Puerto Vallarta to lose weight with the help of the gastric sleeve surgery.  With the verticle sleeve gastrectomy, or VSG, about 70% and 80% of the stomach is removed via a laparoscopic technique, including the section of the stomach where the hunger hormone “Grehlin” is produced. This helps the patient to stop feeling hungry, causes the patient to eat less, feel full faster and ultimately helps the patient lose weight as a consequence of the smaller stomach. This surgery is done in just one hour and this surgery has so many benefits for the patient, among them, the patient could lose up to 80% of their excess weight in around a year or so, reduce symptoms of high blood pressure, joint pain, decrease in sleep apnea, and even help eliminate type 2 diabetes if the patient is suffering from this illness. It should be noted however that the results of the gastric sleeve surgery depend a lot on the patient's following the doctor’s post-surgery advice and instructions, as well as with regards to the dietary changes that the patient adopts after the surgery. Dr. Hidalgo performs this type of surgery successfully on thousands of patients over the years, coming to Puerto Vallarta for gastric sleeve surgery.

8. Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico is the gold standard for weight loss surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico, also known as Roux en Y surgery, is considered by most bariatric practices as the gold standard of weight loss surgery. Worldwide, the gastric bypass surgery or RNY, is the most successful procedure help reduce weight and maintain the weight loss for long term results. The gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, lasts from 2 to 3 hours and unlike Gastric Sleeve surgery, this procedure removes almost one and a half meters of the small intestine, reducing the stomach pouch, allowing the patient eat less, feel full and lose weight through malabsorption. Malabsorption is the body not absorbing the calories from the food that is consumed by the patient.  One of the most important facts about the gastric bypass surgery is that in additional to the patient losing almost 90% of their excess weight, the patients who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes in some instances could completely reverse the disease. That said that for some patients with Type 2 Diabetes, the gastric bypass can be considered a cure to this horrible disease.  Dr. Hidalgo strongly recommends a patient consider the gastric bypass surgery if they have more than 100 pounds to lose and especially if they have Type 2 Diabetes.  

9. Some of the hospitals are much better than you imagine

When you think of Mexico, you do not think of modern state of the art hospitals.  This may be due to the fact that a friend or family member you know may have went to Tijuana for their weight loss surgery in Mexico. That said the clinics in Tijuana are not comparable to the modern state of art hospitals that can be found in Puerto Vallarta.  If you decide to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Hidalgo and Weight Loss Team, located in Puerto Vallarta, the modern and safe CMQ Premiere Hospital is one of the best in all of Mexico. It has a full intensive care unit with specialists, MRI, CAT Scan, full laboratory services, bariatric surgical rooms and private rooms for recovery.  You won’t get stuck to four patients in a room like in Tijuana that is a fact. The CMQ Premiere Hospital is comparable with other hospitals found in Canada and the United States just on a much smaller scale as there is not the same demand for large 300 room hospitals in Mexico. Do not get carried away by offers that are made by clinics in Tijuana that do not have the necessary equipment or hospitals that end up being nothing more than a clinic in disguise, if you want to have a real medical hospital, Puerto Vallarta should be your destination for weight loss surgery in Mexico.

If you still have any questions about weight loss surgery in Mexico, our staff at Weight Loss Team will gladly assist you, answering any questions you may have. We invite you to visit our website to get to know all the aspects about our Bariatric Center here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For more information, please contact us at and discover why Puerto Vallarta and Dr. Hidalgo is your best option to have your weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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