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Having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico or gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is one of the biggest decisions a patient can make in their life. Weight loss surgery in Mexico is a major change that will change your life in many ways, from your health and your body, to your self-esteem, your way of living life and the way others look at you. That is why choosing a trusted bariatric surgeon is very important.

There are 3 main factors when choosing the right weight loss surgeon:

1. Do your own research.

For all of the many recommendations that you will be given by your friends or family, you have the responsibility to do your own research, know that you will entrust your health and your life to a bariatric surgeon and this doctor must be certified. Be very careful with doctors who don’t even work in real hospitals or claim to be surgeons but they are not. These cases happen a lot in Tijuana, a border town in Mexico, where even the doctors don’t work where they say they do and perform surgeries out of everything from strip mall facilities, to hotel facilities and even some hospitals. When you choose to have your weight loss surgery in Mexico, you must be 100% sure that your surgeon is certified, has experience and is a specialist in bariatrics. Don’t get carried away just by the low cost or by the comments of your friends, ultimately it is your life on the line.

At Weight Loss Team we are headed by one of Mexico’s leading doctors in bariatric surgery, Dr. Hidalgo. Weight Loss Team has more than 16 years of experience in medical tourism, and as such Dr. Hidalgo is an expert in his field. Dr. Hidalgo also performs weight loss surgery in Mexico out of one of the State of the Art hospitals, here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, which is equipped with the latest technology and the same quality as hospitals in the United States and/or Canada; and all for the same price as weight loss surgery in Tijuana.

2. The decision is yours.

Many times we get carried away by what people tell us or recommend to us about either a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico or even a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, but ultimately you are the only one that will make the final decision on where you go for weight loss surgery in Mexico and what surgery you have. Analyze what is best for your health and not just what makes you look the best, take a look at the long term, list the advantages and disadvantages of performing weight loss surgery in Mexico as well as each surgery you are considering, talk to your doctor and make sure that they answer each and every one of your questions. Once you are sure of the decision and trust your bariatric surgeon, then together go over which weight loss surgery in Mexico may be right for you.

At Weight Loss Team, Dr. Hidalgo encourages patients to express themselves and participate in the initial consultation. In addition, he and his staff will answer all of your questions clearly and straightforward about the surgery, as well as what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. This is very important and you should feel safe and know that you are making the best decision. At Weight Loss Team we make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable before during and after Dr. Hidalgo is performing their surgery. In addition, we try to create a bond with the patient to make him feel part of our family.

3. Peace of mind helps.

It is not good to go with a doctor someone may have recommended to you if you don’t feel comfortable with him or her. If the Bariatric doctor or their office does not take the time to answer all your questions, or just treats you like any other patient, then look elsewhere. Keep in mind that no matter how good the doctor is, you should feel good after choosing him. One of the key factors that is important to remember when choosing your weight loss surgeon is; does the doctor you choose give you peace of mind.

Stop and think what procedure you feel most comfortable with, who you trust, and if you feel you are getting direct and honest answers. If not, then most likely you are not in the right place. One of the major hurdles that patients must deal with when undergoing weight loss surgery in Mexico is the medical experience. If the patient has a bad experience either before or after surgery, it is sometimes very difficult for the patient to follow the doctor's treatment or indications and that can then have health consequences that are negative for the patient. A patient who has a good experience after their gastric sleeve in Mexico or gastric bypass surgery in Mexico will typically follow the doctor’s advice and usually will have much better results. As such it is important to keep the peace of mind factor at the forefront of your decision making process when you are choosing where and with whom to have as your surgeon for your weight loss surgery in Mexico.

At Weight Loss Team, Dr. Hidalgo always strives to provide personalized care to each and every patient from well before your weight loss surgery in Mexico, while you are his guest in Puerto Vallarta, and for years after your surgery with him. He as well as the staff at Weight Loss Team will answer all your questions, and make you feel part of the Weight Loss Team family, and as a result, we hope Dr. Hidalgo will be the right doctor for you.

If you would like to receive more information about weight loss surgery in Mexico we invite you to visit our website or email us at or call us Toll Free 1 (800) 404-9064 or +1 (818) 949-6911 for more information.

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